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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Oh, I still haven’t seen that one yet. (I heard something about his big scene being flying round trying to kill all the other Justice League members, which I guess is maybe marginally more in-character than snapping someone’s neck and actually killing them. :slight_smile: )


I definitely wouldn’t include it on a Best Of list, but I watched Punisher War Zone for the first time the other night and thought it was surprisingly good.


That’s actually one of the better scenes. :wink:


I do mean to see it at some point. Maybe once it comes up for free on Amazon or Netflix.

(And I’m joking of course - having a high-powered member go rogue and attack the team for some reason is a pretty standard superhero trope.)


It’s got a lot of problems but still has a lot going for it. It’s biggest problem to me is that it feels like there were too many cooks in the kitchen.


I’m presuming there isn’t much I need to know from it for Aquaman?

(Come to think of it, is Aquaman set before Justice League or does it follow on?)


No idea.


It’s directly after, but even then they’re ignoring things like how speaking underwater, etc worked in JL. You won’t need to have seen anything.


I hear this is the only scene you need to know about from the previous canon.

I forgot how speaking underwater even worked in Justice League.


There were weird air bubble things they would conjure up.


It would be interesting if they were also reading Millar’s other comics as background. Even more than Jupiter’s Legacy, you can relate elements of the trailer to the horror elements in CHOSEN and SUPERIOR and even HUCK and 1985 to an extent.

A lot of this sort of thing has been rolling around in comics for a while, but I wonder if the movie will just get by on the gimmick or have something stronger in the story.


I think even more than the comics the trailer plays like a riff on Man of Steel with the Malick-esque shots of the farm, the swing, the kid in the tied-on cape. Even the idea of Superman as a first contact alien story in that film leaves open the possibility of that contact being hostile.


That’s funny. I was the exact opposite. :smile: I found it pretty much unwatchable. I gave up after about 20 minutes.



That looks interesting, with a mostly solid cast (I will never understand the fascination with Charlie Hunam).


Even if I haven’t seen that before I feel like I have.

But I’ll watch it again at some point.


I’m mostly only interested because of Chandor, whose films I’ve all really liked so far. He’s been trying to get this made for ages; hopefully it’ll be worth it.




Even from that I can tell the design is going to be weird and freakish-looking.


Imagine seeing that at the end of a dark sidewalk.
Spooky as hell.