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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Well, someone was going to make this movie sooner or later.
I’m glad it’s in good hands at least.


At this point it feels like it would be more subversive to make a Superman film in which Superman actually behaves like Superman.


Aw, I hesitated with the Lego Batman movie (since the Lego Movie proper didn’t grab me), but walked in on the wife watching it, and ended up sticking around and enjoying the rest of it.

Freshly updated list with a newcomer in the top 5 - the 30 best superhero movies since Blade:


There are some surprising entries there - Superman Returns? Punisher War Zone? Wow.

(Man of Steel is absent.)


I enjoyed it too, but it was a bit of a letdown compared to how much I liked Batman in the Lego Movie (which I enjoyed a lot more than the Batman one).


Superman behaving like Superman? What a ridiculous idea. Get that man out of the writer’s room and make sure he never works in this town again!

(More seriously, Superman as a horror movie still looks like a fun little idea. But I wonder who the hero of the story is? Just the mother? Surely we need someone else to root for?)


Mothers are generally quite popular characters.

True, horror films traditionally have protagonists ranging from mid-teens to mid-twenties but there are plenty of successful exceptions, ‘The Conjuring’ films revolve around a married couple in their 40s.


Reviews are in for Bumblebee:

There’s screenings here next weekend, so I’ll probably check it out. I haven’t seen one since the first one back in 2007.


Yeah exactly, Lego Batman was pretty good, it just wasn’t as great as The Lego Movie which was excellent.

I think the tighter focus stretched the jokes more.


I suppose it could all be from the mum’s perspective. But man, that’d make it a bloody depressing movie. The mother can’t fight the kid without that in itself being terrible. I mean, it seems a bit difficult to keep this away from We Need to Talk about Kevin territory, if you know what I mean. But maybe the movie is actually aiming to be that dark.


It’s Gunn (producing) in his horror mode so I think it’s highly likely that it will be that dark.


This is all just a secret tie-in to Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2 - where the team will fight the Crime Syndicate.


I think it’d be untypical for him, actually. I mean, Slither was pretty gorey and everything, but it was still fun. The Troma school of film-making, you know. But there’s no way this can be anything but bleak and horrible if we stick with the mum’s perspective throughout.

But that’s enough speculation out of me for now; I’m interested in what this will be, in any case - it may take another trailer for me to make up my mind, but I’m inclined to watch this.


That didn’t even occur to me!

I wouldn’t think DC would let a movie come out with such a similar origin story without their permission.

If this is Earth-3, I’m so f’n down!!!


They did that already with Justice League and fans hated that film most of all!


I don’t understand. They really nailed Superman’s smile.



Apparently, the writers were or maybe still are on the script for the Jupiter’s Legacy series. I wonder if this script came out of discarded ideas they had for the series. Jupiter’s Legacy does have a bit of “superheroes can be monsters” tone to it, and maybe in the adaptation, they wanted the world to be much more like the DCU in conception.


Have you seen ‘The Belko Experiment’?

He wrote and produced that and fun isn’t a word I’d apply to it.

Could be, if nothing else, it would be part of how they were thinking, professionally, at the time.


That’s the mustache removal special.


Yeah, Brightburn looks like a horror movie - closer to the Omen than anything super heroic. There was an underground comic in the 70’s where a small town was terrorized by an uncontrollable deadly superbaby that had a similar but also darkly comic feeling to it. This reminds me of Supreme Power where it’s implied the ship and the boy are the first step in an invasion plan.


Super was grim and dark, no matter how colourful and darkly comedic it was.