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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Read that as Liev Schrieber first and thought “YES”


My love for Eric Bana is eternal because of Chopper.


That’s a great movie!


Heh a bunch of that is just made up I suspect.





Weren’t they already international?


About as international a film about aliens as Independence Day.



This is the same company that Jeff Lemire just signed a deal with.


Good for him.

What’ll matter is how Legendary sees its output growing? They’re not Amazon or Netflix so they have to place projects in cinemas or on existing TV channels/streamers.

So he’s got a deal with a supplier, not a buyer.

Fortunately the appetite for content continues to grow. I hope it works out great for him.


Wow, I didn’t recognise Brannagh even a little bit. The whole trailer it kept nagging at me, this feeling that I know who this is but I don’t quite recognise him…

Lots of great actors in this film, but eh, I don’t know. I don’t get the feeling that the movie has anything really meaningful to say about Shakespeare - and it’d be difficult anyway to say anything in a biopic that holds more depth and meaning than any of his plays.


They have at least part ownership in a subscription-based streaming service called Alpha, a couple of years ago they were pushing the same content as the YouTube channels they bought up, but with expanded features or early access.


He actually looks like Ben Kingsley, maybe that’s the gimmick. Sir Ben does the performance lip synching to Sir Ken’s voice.


Sorry to Bother you 2: This time it’s all white guys.


Ha! Yeah, Ben Kingsley was definitely one of the people silently rotating in my head as my pattern recognition machine tried to pin down who that is.


Sir Krishna Pandit Bhanji may not fully fit that description. :wink:


Now I want to see a version with Kingsley. He would be brilliant in the role of course.