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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


After his recent nonsense documentary I think you can assume he embellishes a lot.


Friedkin has always made his own myth. He’s not alone in that. Film PR has never been about the truth and documentaries are generally more of the same.


Sort of spoilers so I’ll just post the link.

An unused prop that was intended for the recent Predator movie is kinda fun, but a bit too silly really;

Very much something a creative fan might come up with.


Is it on youtube? The documentary I mean?


Yes but not for free:



This is interesting.

Kinda strange that it’s become such a poisoned chalice.


Return to…Return to Nuke 'Em High aka Vol. 2 is finally being released on VOD this December 24th on the Troma online streaming service.



Mortal Engines seems to have received fairly mediocre reviews.

I had been hoping it might be better than it looked from the trailers.


Sounds pretty damn good to me.


I read the Wikipedia articles on the books the movie is based on. They sound like your typical run of the mill young adult fiction.


There’s a few positive ones that make me interested in checking it out:

The main problem is that it’s out the same day as Spider-Verse, and Aquaman is out a few days later, and Mary Poppins Returns soon after.


So, pretty empty slot. :wink:


Mortal Engines is destined to bomb. And probably bomb hard. I don’t think anyone really cares about it at all.


Die Hard is in my local cinema next week and I’ve booked tickets for Deadpool and Spider-Man so I’m not sure if I’ll get near even fitting this in. I will be taking Aquaman, Holmes and Watson and Bumblebee first, in that order, and that’s only if I have time which is probably doubtful.



God no


I’m fine with Lego Batman being in Lego 2 - he’s great in a movie in which he’s a minor character.

He just doesn’t need another movie where he’s the main one.