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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel



I just watched a video last night that mentioned the film:


Of those, I’ve only seen Martyrs (the French one). Good movie that, but yeah, not easy to take.

I’m a bit ambivalent about whether I want to see The House that Hack Built.
And I have to say I’m a wee bit intrigued abotu Bite.


I’ve seen The Green Inferno (I fast forwarded through most of it not because of the gore but because it was boring as hell) and The Wild Bunch (great movie and the violence never bothered me).


Oh yeah, that’s right, I’ve seen The Wild Bunch, too - completely agree that it’s great, and I think it’s one example where you can see that something being “unwatchable” is often dependent on the time and the audience.


Green Inferno was much like a family dinner. Don’t see why it upset folks so much.


I think you mean “families who were dinner”!


Selling a movie as even more graphic that whatever was the most graphic before it isn’t going to work on me, but clearly it can be very effective.

That’s coming from someone who was a Fangoria subscriber when I was in my teens. The thing is, I always liked monsters more than serial killer stories anyway.

But even if I liked serial killer films more, Von Trier’s film sounds like something his fans should go see.

And since I’m not a fan, I wont.


So far the horror fans on my Facebook feed have really liked it. Interestingly, particularly the female fans.


(Spoilers for the first movie)




My son’s flatmate (who he’s known since preschool) is a script supervisor; and, yes, it is a critically important job. He recently worked on a few of the Netflix Marvel series (Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Punisher).


100% the right thing to do. Keep the memory of it being amazing. I did the same as you to my eternal regret.


In the example, the continuity errors wouldn’t be the worst problem that movie would have though. Maybe fix the crappy acting first :wink:


The script could use some work, too. :wink:


Always a highlight of the end of the year:


Why ‘A Christmas Story’ is a ‘terrible’ Christmas Movie


The House that Jack Built? Wow.


The ending is kinda scary. Though I like to think that Friedkin embellishes stories a bit.