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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


He’s great and very watchable, I hope the Elton John film is a massive hit, I think he deserves it.


It was a much improved sequel, but ghastly long.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I loved him in Eddie the Eagle and Sing.
It’s a shame that Robin Hood turned out to be a slog.
He was pretty perfect casting.


He seems like a thoroughly likable guy. We were meant to meet him at a premiere last year but an event in LA got the whole thing cancelled. The Chief ended up running into him on the plane back home.


Eddie the Eagle is brilliant. Him and Jackson were fantastic, i really enjoyed it


I still need to see that one.


I was already anticipating the Elton John movie due to his performance in Sing doing a cover - but it being by the same director has me very excited.


And humble. He seems like the sort of guy who grew up on an estate and is still close to his friends he grew up with.


Its a good one to watch over the Christmas period. It has a feelgood heart and is a lot of fun.


When asked if the critical reaction to ‘The Golden Circle’ was difficult to deal with, Egerton replied, “I think in some respects it was because I just gave everything to it. And then it was so quickly torn down. I did feel a bit of a sting. I think in some respects it wasn’t a quite as well put together film as the first one but it certainly wasn’t a bad film.”

I respectfully disagree. It’s pretty bad.

He’s very good though, he’s survived that, he’s going to survive ‘Robin Hood’, his career will continue to grow.



I wasn’t sure they could make it work but it seems pretty cool. There’s a slight whiff of Spy Kids but I guess that was always the case.


Haven City looks kinda like I always imagined.

I wonder how they’re going to pull the rest off. I hope it doesn’t go the way of the Percy Jackson movies.


I have no idea what the significance of anything in that trailer is.






Well that’s exciting.