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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Now that would be quite the departure for that director. I’m also very interested to see if this comes off.


I know it’s not a movie, but…


Might fit better into the TV news thread.

Anyway, that looks really good. Occupies some of the same territory as The End of the Fucking World, but in a different way.



Even from the picture, I’ll just say “No!”.

(Assuming that’s the Kirkman werewolf superhero thingy that I’m thinking it is.)


The Astounding Wolf-Man is one of the titles, yes.

Not a fan, I take it.


I thought it was very conventional. It wasn’t bad, but also nothing special - there’s no particular reason why this one should be made into a movie more than a thousand other books.

Okay, now I’ve looked at the article and it’s noticeable that the writer also doesn’t give any particular reasons why his choices would make good movies. I have my doubts about any Chuck Dixon book, too (although I haven’t read it).

God, and there’s Haunt, another Kirkman book that has nothing special about it whatsoever.

Plus, he’s wrong about Transmetropolitan because that would need to be a TV series, not a movie. Same goes for American Vampire (although I could also see that one as a series of movies by someone like Rodriguez).

(Sidenote: American Vampire is an “obscure comic book title”?)


Statements like that are how you know someone is writing with pen held firmly in anus.


‘Skyline’ is now a franchise, third film on its way!

Assuming they presell it to enough territories.


Beyond Skyline was a larger budget SyFy film but I’m assuming it must have done well on Netflix to cause this.



Looks like Simba is about to pee on Rafiki.


As one does.




The Child’s Play remake has launched its own tie-in website - advertising the all-new “Buddi” toy: He Wants To Be Your Best Buddi!

Whether or not you think that a remake was a good idea, they are putting their best foot forward with this.


The site seems to suggest that chucky’s going to be an evil robot instead of a possessed toy this time (unless I’m reading too much into the site).


Yeah, it’s pretty much going back to the original premise by Mancini.
Where Chucky is a toy gone amok rather than anything else.



Good for him. It seems rare for an actor to stick up for their work. The Golden Circle was imperfect but it was still a good time and Egerton was still fantastic in it.