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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


That’s an interesting way to spell the word ‘correct.’ :wink:


I’m just gonna put this right here as the best anime adaptation.


I haven’t watched it yet so you could be right. Takeshi Miike or not though, it does have to beat a whole trilogy!

Talking about Miike, my dad recently put a whole pile of DVDs up on a bookshelf, all of which he said came from his brother, who passed away. He was super proud of his new collection of Westerns. I had a wee look. I said, “Dad, I can’t see my 80 year old uncle having Ichi the Killer on DVD… Wait… Is that a Farscape collection? And She’s The Man? Dad, half these are mine!!”



I’ll wait for the Andy Serkis version😋.


Jeez, that just looks like a shot for shot remake.


I wonder how they got all of those animals to do what they wanted at the same time. :wink:


Animal trainers.


The music isn’t even different.
At least with the Aladdin stinger it had this oddly neat orchestral medley.


It does have the “Big Damn Slamming Door” sound effect that is legally required for every movie trailer.


When that Lion King trailer came out earlier today the family all watched it and basically unanimously agreed it looked like some bullshit.


Also it’s funny that people are calling it a live action remake.


Are saying they’re not using real animals???


Everyone knows they are using puppets and dwarves in animal suits Ronnie, keep up.


In fairness the original animated movie had that too.


I think it looks a little unfinished, compared to the early trailers of ‘The Jungle Book’ but it’ll do very well, as will ‘Aladdin’.

Disney’s problem is that they’ll run out of animated movies to remake at some point, and they’re having trouble finding new stories that work for a big audience. Their “live action” division has to figure that out.


Maybe they could remake the live-action movies as animations?



The end point of the next Phase of the MCU will clearly be adding Condorman.


One question, is that a recording of James Earl Jones from the original animated movie?

He sounds really strong and healthy, more so than when he voiced Vadar in ‘Rogue One’.

The man is 87 and I want to believe he’s… well… as strong as a lion!