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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Sequels happen if the first film does well.

Either this film works or it doesn’t. Planning to hold anything good back just because of potential sequels would be a mistake.

So I hope that they chose the best bits that fit together into a coherent and/or an entertaining film.

Because if they didn’t, they’re screwed.


Of course, and doing the Alita/Hugo story properly would be a good, self-contained story with a sequel hook if the movie does well enough.

As it is, Wiki suggests they’re going to do the Alita/Hugo story, but have her be a motorball champion rather than a bounty hunter.


Considering how many years he’s been promising this movie for, asking anybody to wait for a sequel is crazy.


I still suspect that this is an elaborate ruse and there isn’t an Alita movie coming out.


After watching The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, I’ll believe any film can be released.


Except Inhumans.


That’s the happy exception. :sweat_smile:


But we ended up getting the TV miniseries with the first two parts getting a cinematic release.

Some things don’t die. They actually get worse.


The scene where Andy gives his toys to that little girl gets to me, too.


Interesting to see how they pull this off


It does remind me of the Wachowski produced SPEED RACER quite a bit which tried to squeeze in a lot AND add some elements as well.

It’s a tough sell. Sorta like the dark comedy of HAPPY mixed with the TV version of POWERS.


Speed Racer is still the best live-action anime adaptation, so it seems a valid approach.


Shocking nobody, the new Robin Hood is getting bad reviews:


The trailers remind me so much of The Mask of Zorro.

But, like, a very boring Mask of Zorro.


The Legend of Zorro then.


It sucks that it’s boring. I was hoping for a “better when drunk” level of entertainment, but it probably misses that mark.


Never seen it.
But that scene where Robin is at the gala mocking the Sherrif to his face has maybe 80% of the same core words as the same scene where Zorro goes to the gala to mock the Don to his face.
Except less funny.



Best western adaptation. I would put the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy as the best ever.


An interesting choice!