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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


That’s a TV show. It’s on Netflix today.



I was more excited to see him attached to this:

The plot is mostly under wraps, but it centers on a black ops team that goes after drug dealers who are being protected by the feds.

Does that make it the opposite of Sicario?


No, it just sounds like another take on the same idea, like most of Sheridan’s stuff.


His scripts haven’t disappointed me yet. If it’s executed well then I reckon I’ll enjoy it.


I was disappointed by Wind River, and haven’t bothered with Sicario 2 or his TV show.


Wind River might have been less polished than the other films, but it was still pretty effective, I thought. He came up with another really tense setpiece and a good twist in the narrative, too. How come you didn’t like it?


I thought the direction was good, but I didn’t enjoy the story much. Olsen was wasted, and her character just felt like a lesser version of Emily Blunt in Sicario, without any of the stuff Blunt got to do in that movie before it left her behind. Renner is a completely okay leading man, but that’s all.


Same, I haven’t seen any episodes of the show or played any of the games, but just watched the trailer to show it to the wife (she was a fan of the show and games) and I think we’re both sold on it.


Alita looks like a fun ride. I think the results may surprise us. And it only needs to do moderately well, I’m assuming, as it’s Robert Rodriguez and he usually manages to keep budgets down.


It’s also Cameron and he… doesn’t.

The film could be fun, but it’s not really standing out from the crowd for me.


Goofy charm is usually what Pratt brings to his roles, and that’s not how I’ve ever seen The Saint.

It could work, but radically changing the characters of ‘The Men From UNCLE’ didn’t, so I hope they’re wary.


It’s remarkable how powerful that scene is. We watched Toy Story 2 & 3 back-to-back this evening and even though the kids have seen the movies several times before, the atmosphere is always incredibly tense when they watch that furnace scene. I can feel their hearts pounding away. And the moment where the toys are saved creates such a palpable sense of relief. It’s brilliant filmmaking.

(Also, Jessie’s song in Toy Story 2 still stands as a beautiful moment in the series, and got me again today.)


The first time I saw Toy Story 3 I didn’t have the sense of dread while they were about to be incinerated until abuzz grabbed Jesse’s hand as if to tell her he knew it was the end. Buzz is the one that would figure a way out and was always so confident. I still get tense watching it.


I think it’s maybe even worse as an adult because it touches on issues of mortality and ‘how you want to go’, dying a good death and stuff like that, which is probably a bit beyond most kids. It’s a brilliant scene to do so much, entirely visually.


The bedroom scene is harder than the incinerator for me. I can’t even think about the mom walking into the room and gasping because it slays me.

Also, it’s a bit weird thing, but I find Lotto’s fate to be super messed-up. I don’t know how kids can handle it. Maybe it doesn’t faze them.


I noticed that this documentary opens in theaters next week. I’m such a hipster that I went to this place a bunch of times before it got “big” and I’m going to go check it out in its current phase in a few weeks.



Because it is too awesome for mass audiences to appreciate?

I think I liked it better when they were more weird.

Sequels :heart_eyes:


That’s the thing though, the trailer had elements of all three. And you could probably do a really good Alita trilogy by splitting the story into her early days, then her time as a Motorball player and the aftermath, and finally the Barjack storyline.