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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I’ve not seen Ghost in the Shell, but the clips and trailers made it look like it was borrowing at least as much from the anime as the books - the anime is far more popular to begin with, though a large part of the first series of Stand Alone Complex was taking something from a Shirow manga and putting into the show’s context. While that was generally something from Ghost in the Shell, there’s an episode where Kusanagi and Batou fight a Guges Landmate from Appleseed, for some reason.

I just took a look at the Wiki page for Alita, and I think they’re going for book 1-3, but they’re going to make her a Motorball player instead of a Bounty Hunter? The cast list is almost all characters from the first two storylines, with some alterations. Vector, who’s played by Mahershala Ali is described as a criminal who fixes Motorball matches, but in the manga he’s more of a fence and middleman.


All I know is that the newest trailer had a lot of the Rodriguez-goofiness that tends to make some of his works a tad unbearable.


I’d really been missing that from the earlier trailers. I’ll have to watch it now!



not sure about the movie but it is nice seeing Dwayne BE the Rock again.


You know it’s not a good sign when your film is stealing scenes from Yoga Hosers.


The Ralph Breaks the Internet reviews are in:


That doesn’t look as bad as the worst of the series.
Looks pretty midtier, which is a fine thing overall.

Nothing going to top Back 2 Da Hood though.




Looks relatively subdued.
But everyone seems so sleepy.


“From The Imagination Of Tim Burton…”

("…just after he watched Dumbo…")


How come the two thumbnails posted by JR and Dave have different critters but the exact same vapid expression? Some sort of new trend?





gosh, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the Rock in a movie.
Its been a terribly long 2 weeks


There are SPOILERS in the article!



That looks unbearably pretentious.