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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I’m in the same boat. I had no interest until that trailer but it looks like lots of fun - definitely shades of Roger Rabbit there.


That looks AWESOME!!

Never did I ever think I’d say that about a Pokemon movie!


Wow, Detective Pikachu looks shockingly good.

Just look how cute this little guy is :flushed:



It can’t be worse that Cult.
Although I hear the spin-off tv show is still happening, so it’s not a bad time to be a fan, even a critical one.


The first half of Cult was good but once the body swapping got out of hand it lost me. Which is too bad as Curse was probably the best film in the series since the first.


Yes, I loved Curse!
Cult, I didn’t mind the stuff in the second half - but by that point a lot of it felt meandering and pointless. It just felt like a “Part One” and so when the show was announced I wasn’t surprised at all.


Yeah Cult just felt like set up for the sequel. I was a bit surprised they decided to go the TV route though.


Same, but then again it might just be because he sorta wrote a bit too many lead-ins to make a regular length sequel feasible.



If they can top the third it’ll be a miracle. Regardless, I expect it to be top notch, just like the other three.





It is probably a generational thing but I think that Pokemon movie looks completely insufferable.


Saturday we were cleaning my son’s room, pulling out clothes that don’t fit anymore, setting aside toys that “are for babys,” etc. One toy pile was give away, one for broken toys to throw away - he made the decision on each. As we put the throw away toys in the trash can outside I could tell something was on his mind.
I asked if he was ok and he started to tear up, saying he was sad that his toys were going to the furnace and get burned with all the other trash. My wife didn’t catch it but I knew immediately what he was referring to, so we pulled the toys back out of the trash can and loaded them up with the give away ones.

Edited to add: my wife took all of the toys with her to work yesterday to give the good ones to a coworker with young kids. She ended up taking the broken ones, too.


Was that a reference to their valet skit? That seems like an odd thing to reference in a kid’s cartoon trailer.



Alita is going to flop so hard.


…Toy Story 4 looks pretty meh


Oh man that sounds brutal.

A whole generation will be talking to their therapists about Toy Story 3.