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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Not me, I readily believed it given how Tarantino just mined from “The Thing”





Topping the third movie is going to be tough. It was a perfect ending, really.

But I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it.


I still think the first one is the best, but they all have something, I’ll give this a go when it’s released.


It’s one of the few series where there isn’t a clear favourite in our house. We watch them all quite regularly and they all have moments of genius.

The first feels like the most pure and straightforward story, but the way the second and third movies build on everything that’s established in that first movie is really brilliant.

My one worry for the new one is that those themes and ideas that run all through the first three films won’t be present; that this will just be another fun adventure with the cast that doesn’t feel of a piece with the first three movies. Which is fine (the short DTV films were amusing and enjoyable enough), but the main films have always had a bit more depth than that.


I think the third one is definitely the best, and I wish they weren’t making a fourth because the end is so great.

The first one was incredible for its time, but watching these days the animation is primitive and the dialogue too pun-heavy for me. I can still see why anyone would consider it the best however, it is brilliantly constructed.


I think it’s clear from that trailer that they are all dead or high a la That 70’s Show. Either way it’s going to be a bit weird. :wink:


A…kid-friendly…mystery with neo-noir affectations…starring Pokemon?
I had no idea how much this would shake my world until now.


I was (pleasantly) surprised by how fluffy the Pokemon are. I guess I was expecting them to look smooth and simple like living cartoons rather than as pseudo-realistic creatures.


And those are just the movie ones. The real actual live ones are quite frightening and smell bad.


That looks shockingly fun.


Waiting for Playboy Germany to make a press release or something.


The first thing that comes to mind is Roger Rabbit.
And that’s not bad.




Retelling the story of Hamlet from Ophelia’s perspective is not a bad idea, but this looks a bit shlocky.


That looks fun.

help me!!!



I… I… I think I want to see this more than Avengers 4.

What. The. Firetruck.


I have no affinity for Pokemon but holy shit does that look amazing.