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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel




You spoke to him about the technicalities of the deal in German?





Can’t be any worse than the second half of Leprechaun Origins.


Couldn’t be any worse than the first half of Leprechaun Origins either.


I thought that was pretty okay.


You thought wrong.


I dunno.
It actually felt like they were gonna explain the whole Lepcrechaun stuff, with all the statues.
When you hear how production changed halfway through filming and how most of the script was thrown out - I look more kindly to the first half because it seemed like they wanted to do something neat like that.

Then some short gremlin shows up midway and it just seems like a whole different movie.



Kidding. I’ll never watch that movie.



More than meets the spies.


Well, that took an unexpected turn there towards the end.

Looks fun though.



I only saw Gladiator for the first time six months ago. It’s decent, but I wasn’t blown away. This seems unnecessary.


I’d be excited if they were using the Nick Cave script.


You were not entertained?


More long-delayed sequel news:



So, the writer of that article thinks the film gets Mercury wrong, but doesn’t actually have any facts about the man to prove it?

Oh well, clickbait strikes again.