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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


A neat look at how a film’s story changes during development.



Why am I not surprised?


I don’t know, why?



Considering Campbell was editing the magazine, he might have thought that selecting his own story was chutzpah enough, and giving himself the cover was pushing things too far :wink:

But the writer’s (pen) name is still the first thing you see on the cover.



Man, I had a totally different idea of what a movie called Monkey Man would be before I got to “revenge thriller”.


@RobertB and @Rory have either of you seen the new Halloween movie? If so, what did you think about it?
You may have already posted about this but I haven’t seen it.


I haven’t yet. Planning to see it on Halloween.


There was a brief discussion in the “watching” thread about it.

I liked it but didn’t love it. Some people loved it.


Always nice to see Portman push herself. Looks like she truly went all-in this time.



It’s already had a very brief run in selected theatres in the UK (a week and a half, often playing for a single night).

I’ve no idea how well it did, but it should reach a bigger audience is handled properly. People are interested in history.


Isn’t it also being broadcast on the BBC? On Armistice Day, I think.


Its going on TV but I don’t know when, that would be the right date of course.


Yeah they discussed it on the Kermode show last week. It’s going to air on the BBC on Armistice Day as Dave says. So for the UK at least it looks like the plan was always a limited cinema release and then the big audience on TV.


Yeah, BBC2 9PM on November 11:

I’m surprised it’s not on BBC1, but I guess they didn’t want to put off their big Sunday night drama.


You can still find it in a few places.
I wonder how the 3D version looks?


The 3D looks great but unfortunately Jackson stretched the whole thing out so it now covers three World Wars instead of one, with an extra battle at the climax that wasn’t even there in the original history.