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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel





That looks alright, but a bit like you’ve seen it all before, at this point. But Tom Wilkinson is always great, it’s probably worth watching just for his performance.



C’mon, Steve, we all know Short Circuit 3 is the way forward.




A remake of this movie, from the same director:


Man, neither of those trailers do a very good job of conveying the humor.


I’m curious what advantage sawing off the barrel of a bolt action hunting rifle gives you.


A hacksaw is cheaper than a new, smaller, firearm?


Maybe. Do you know how hard it would be to advance to the next round though? You would usually use your trigger hand while the stock rests against your shoulder and the guard under the barrel is held with your other hand. This would at least require some overhand motion that would be difficult to physically pull off.

I’m sure they just did it just because someone thought it looked cool.


And they were wrong.

It does look dumb.


The sawn off shotgun was always about the fact that it was easier to get a shotgun and then sawing the barrell off made it easier to conceal by making it smaller, like it can fit under your coat. In many countries handguns are very hard to get but shotguns remain available as farmers need them so that makes sense. It’s very much a part of armed robberies in the UK because of that.

Whether any of that logically applies to where and when Neeson is operating I don’t know. Probably not. :smile:


A sawed off shotgun also widens the spray pattern making it a more effective up close weapon especially in crowds or for point blank shots. Those can be operated, advanced to the next round and reloaded a little easier than a bolt action rifle even with a break-action shotgun that has to be reloaded every time.

They also missed a trick by not using How I Could Just Kill a Man for the background music. :wink:



Will he be Godzilla or Kong?


He’s totally gonna be Jet Jaguar




Your mothra!