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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


But the tagline for this has been:
“The only thing more extraordinary than their music is his story”

That sounds like it lends itself more to a Freddie biopic than a vanilla Queen one.


What were you guys wanting that would cause it to be an R rating, porn?


This review suggests:


You’re my Best Friend gets him a lot of goodwill in this house.


OK. That’s fair but it’s not uncommon to clean these things up a little bit for a wider audience. It’s just a bit odd that everyone is blaming the clean up on the band. Is there really that much animosity between them and Mercury?


I don’t think it’s animosity. It just seems from the stories are and the reviews that the rest of Queen wanted the narrative to be ‘this is why Queen were such a great band’ and there’s juicier material on Mercury’s life that they have edited out.


I don’t think it’s animosiy, but there were stories from early in the movie’s production that Brian May and Roger Taylor wanted the movie to be as much about the band after Freddie died as about his life, and there was talk of some sort of conflict about how detailed the movie would be around Freddie’s sex life and the debauched nature of his life as a star.

Beyond that, there are some persisent rumours from back in the day about some less than nice statements from other band members shortly after Freddie died.

And like, there’s only so far you can go in a movie that’s aimed as a mainstream audience. You can’t go into the nitty gritty of the band’s career (that said, I do hope the movie has the bit where Roger Taylor locks himself in a cupboard and refuses to leave until the band agrees to put I’m in Love With my Car as the B-side to Bohemian Rhapsody). But at the same time, the reviews I’ve read talk about how the movie seems to breeze along past various events, hits a few key moments (the band gets together, they record Night at the Opera, Freddie comes out to Mary Austin, he meets Jim Hutton just before Live Aid), and spaces it out with shots of the cast miming to Queen songs.

I’m probably going to go see this - Laura and her mum want to go, and Queen are my favourite band so I’ll be able to report back and give the perspective of a big fan.


Yeah, I get why the reviewers are disappointed, but to be honest I’m fine with a light movie celebrating Queen and their music. That’ll be fine for me, and when I’m going I’ll take the kid (who knows hardly any Queen yet) because it sounds like it’s also a good introduction to a generation that didn’t grow up with this music.


What the fuck, Christian


I knew that was going to be the reaction :smiley:

There’s just so much music you have to play to the kids. And weirdly, it seems that they also want to listen to the stuff that’s currently out there.


I was 10 or so when I first heard of Queen.
Not heard them, but of them.

For years I just thought they were something Gaiman and Pratchett made up.



I hope he enjoys it, I doubt he’s the kind of guy who will just sleep late and then go fishing, but I could be wrong.


I’ve been meaning to read the book for a while now. I’ll have to do so before this comes now I guess.


Huh. That’s an unusual cast for that kind of movie.



Well you have me there, I have to concede that the trailer does make that point. Though I was thinking this was more the trailer and PR company’s doing as I’ve heard so much about it being a spin on the normal musical biopic as it focuses on the band itself rather than the people.




It looks like a great space, but I expect it’ll ended up being subdivided and reworked by whoever moves in next?

With the end of production on “Sense 8” and no new productions scheduled, the family decided to close the facility, she said.

That’s a bit sad. I hope they have something cool in the works that brings them back to the top. I also hope they consult a bit wider before whatever they do next?

They need to return to the centre of pop culture and then bring something unexpected to it. Very few people have done that, but they have.