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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Jow South was in Kula Shaker?


I’m not sure about Jow South but it’s possible Joe South was.



However the story might shake out - this looks adorable.


I hope it is decent, there are a couple of things that called my attention, like It is the directorial debut of the Lino DiSalvo, which previously was head of animation for Frozen.

And it seems they are really going for the Disney type of animated blockbuster:

The well-seasoned animation producer also revealed that “Playmobil” will boast, under Di Salvo’s impulse, a strong musical component and several original songs as did “Frozen” which scored more than $1.2 billion around the world.

During the presentation, Soumache also addressed the positioning of “Playmobil” compared with “Lego: The Movie.” “The movie ‘Lego’ relied a lot on comedy and wasn’t so much driven by characters, while our film will follow more the Disney tradition of storytelling and is meant to appeal to girls as much as boys,” explained Soumache, who quipped “‘Lego’ grossed almost $500 million worldwide, if we make half of that will be very happy!”


There is so much wrong in that…but it’s also I guess kinda neat?
Clearly won’t be a big budget thing, so their eyes are set low.