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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


The Dick Cheney movie you’ve all been waiting for.


CANNOT WAIT! What we’ve all been anticipating.


Even knowing going in that it was Christian Bale I still questioned myself until I saw his name at the end. That’s a pretty remarkable job by him and the makeup department.

Still, I can’t say I have much desire to see this movie.


Because some it is?


That’s actually a pretty good trailer. Dammit.


It’s the kind of middle-aged drama with an important subject and Oscar hopes that everyone says is dying out.

I’m surprised it’s not a Netflix or Amazon production, but Annapurna is privately financed so they make what they want.


Yep, I kinda want to see this.

And also, wow, the acting on this is going to be spectacular.


Looks way better than W.
I’m down for it.


Spotlight won best picture though. Is it really an endangered kind of movie?

I was going to call it a genre, but that wouldn’t be right. Would you call them prestige dramas?


PLUS!!! It’s got Jesse Plemons!!!


Those are more the kinds of movies that their intended audience watches at home, though.


Who would of thought real life would be crazier than fiction .


That’s the trend, so we’re all told.

And I get it, I certainly need my fair share of serious films, but at the end of the day (and especially at the end of the week) I like a cinema film that delivers entertainment in a broader sense.

Action comedy is probably the donut of modern cinema entertainment. Fat and sugar, maybe some actual nutrition, but above all else it’s about the great flavour combination.


It is funny how I watch movies today that I didn’t really like in the 90’s, but they seem generally better put together than a lot of the same kind of movies released now. The entire focus of films from that period has changed so that more mature fare has less money behind it. However, it does seem like an underserved market. A lot of people with money to spend are over 50 so unless they have grandkids, the Wizarding World and the Marvel movies are not going to appeal to them.

However, going to a movie theater filled with screaming kids, stressed out parents and obnoxious teenagers also does not appeal to them (by which I mean us).


Greengrass was interviewed on the radio this morning, and a lot of what he said won me over on the movie and made me think I should give it a shot.

He talked about how a lot of Breivik’s ideas set out in his manifesto, that seemed relatively shocking and unacceptable at the time, have in the intervening years cropped up a lot more frequently in mainstream rightwing political narratives - stuff like taking back control of your country, fighting against forced multiculturalism, and pushing back against political elites.

It made me realise that the film has some wider political points to make than were hinted at in that trailer, and sounds like it’s taking a slightly broader viewpoint rather than being as personally focused as it looks from the trailer.

Greengrass also made the same point that Steve made in his final line there, that the film is partly about Norway’s response to the tragedy.





Weird choice to make a movie about a single Foundation character.


This story has been done a hundred times at this point but it still a good cast.