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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


My politics are 180 degrees from his, so anything I say could come across as just a knee jerk reaction to that but… that looks bad.

It looks like a parody in fact.

To me, in the UK, he’s sort of a Nigel Farage equivalent; out of his depth but with a dedicated fan base that loves his message and doesn’t look too closely at the details?

If Farage had made a film about the evils of the EU it would probably have been a lot like that.


Ah. Revisionist history meets revisionist news. How they got the stock footage without dealing with the commie Democrat Fake Media I have no clue. Probably lied.


Bizarre. I wonder if they’re aware of the title and its similarity to Birth of a Nation.


It’s a Dinesh D’Souza joint. It’s almost cetianly a deliberate reference.


That’s not Natlie Portman.

Next they’ll be trying to kid us that Clark Kent is really Superman :roll_eyes:


Anyone in Dublin who wants to go see a great documentary, my cousin Donal’s film about his father, documentarian Art McCaig is opening in the IFI on the 10th of August

I saw it when it showed in the Dublin Film Festival in the spring and it was amazing.



All I can say about that is that’s a pretty awful Lincoln impersonation.


I saw a cave in east Malaysia the other day that did a better Lincoln impression than that.



No, it was Lincoln.


Alien Lincoln?






Aster has written the script for the new film with Lars Knudsen producing. The Wicker Man-esque plot will follow a young woman who joins her boyfriend on a summer trip where things quickly go awry thanks to a local pagan cult.

Pugh is great. Looking forward to the Le Carré mini she’s doing with Park Chan-Wook too.


Pugh is great, but Hereditary had maybe the worst 3rd act of any movie I’ve seen in years so I’m not looking forward to anything by that writer/director at this point.


I felt similar. I thought as a family drama it was amazing but none of the horror stuff worked that well and was super familiar. (Though I’ve since read that it started as a family drama and he was encourage to add the horror element to get it made.) I think he’s got a lot of talent as a director though so I’ll be curious to at least check out whatever he does next.


That would make a lot of sense, because the 3rd act felt like it was out of a completely different movie. The family drama aspect was really well done. There was a good movie in there, but the guy should probably stay away from horror, because those bits weren’t good. So that he’s following it up with a movie involving a pagan cult makes me want to steer clear.