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I don’t know how it feels within the industry, but as a viewer it feels like there’s an element of deliberate showiness with these de-ageing effects, especially recently (now that they can be done fairly well).

I have no trouble with suspending my disbelief as a viewer and accepting a different actor as a younger version of a character. But it’s undeniably impressive when you see something like RDJ in Civil War (the best example of digital de-ageing that I’ve seen so far), and you feel like you’re really seeing a performance from the same actor decades ago.

Those effects get people talking in a way that casting a younger actor doesn’t. Whether that makes it worth the time and expense needed to pull those effects off, I don’t know.



Such a tragic situation, I thought the end result was totally effective and, by the end, very moving;


‘Dunkirk’ was directed by Chris Nolan, who tries to avoid anything digital, especially in filmmaking.

So for his beach scenes of thousands of waiting soldiers, he went for a practical solution as much as possible;


Bloody cardboard cutouts, coming over here and taking our jobs.


Actually they went over there… so they’re ex-pat cardboard cut outs.


This may be in the GoT thread, but it needs to go here, too. Excellent stuff! A record for flaming stuntpeople?


Kurt Russell. It’s always Kurt Russell.
I like that man. (FYI @KandorLives)



Some Fast and Furious information;



Some more ‘Rogue One’;


Oddly enough, that’s rather the way I view reality every day.

I might be a bit strange.


Been there. Got to play with one of the ‘stings’ used by Frodo in the movies.



Some of the invisible work on ‘Mindhunter’;


And days later the same story gets covered. Added this for the WW link.


This one is insane! Every shot looks so beautiful… I definitely have to watch this show :slight_smile:


Kingsman 2 spoilers;