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More Ghost In The Shell:

Some of the artistry here is just amazing.




Filming a stunt with Tom Cruise;


I love the way there are two guys standing there with a mattress. Presumably from the insurance company :smiley: “If anything goes wrong, throw yourselves under Tom!”


I think they’re there to catch him if it looks like he’s going to hit something (like that tree) on the swing back? :smile:


This is a quirky bit of movie magic, but I was talking to a producer today who was making commercials back when Spielberg was shooting ‘Indiana Jones and Last Crusade’.

He said that he was using the same fabric, screen printer as the production and they were making fake tweed suits for Sean Connery, out of lightweight cotton, so that he would be able to work in the desert heat without collapsing.

So this…

…probably isn’t real tweed, it’s a very good, screen printed replica.


And the making of the VFX;


Who opens an exclusive, hip new bar that only serves Heineken? Surely, the commercial should end to reveal they’re actually in Hell. :wink:


You’d never sell a lot of beer Ronnie. :imp:



Following up on this; a lot of people have (I think) got the wrong idea about Fincher’s approach to VFX.

There’s an idea that he only does realistic and that you shouldn’t do flashy or spectacular.

But I think the lesson from Fincher is that you should do exactly what the shot needs. If that means the actor then film the actor, if it requires a stunt person, then film a stunt, and if it needs VFX, use VFX.

He’s not got a prejudice about CG or practical. He just uses the tool kit, all of it, for whatever he wants in his films and TV shows.


I remember Fight Club being held up as one of those “practical effects” holy grails until someone showed just how many CG effects were in the film.


It’s a bit of a shame, really, that he hasn’t gone back into space since Alien 3. I’d like to see what he would do with that kind of setting, these days.


He’s still doing ‘WWZ 2’, at least offcially, so there’s a chance for him to go big again, if not actually into space… probably…

It’s one of those things I’ll believe once they’ve actually made the movie. :slight_smile:


Two treats here, the story (for @Lorcan_Nagle) and the F/X work.


From the most recent featurette on ‘Bladerunner 2049’ they’ve shot some miniatures for the film;

I’d heard ages ago that they were doing this, but no-one was on record confirming it. Now it’s out in the open. Weta Workshop built the mianiatures (ok, bigatures, as usual :slight_smile: ) .

Looking forward to hearing more about this.


‘Legion’ the big escape scene from the pilot;

Ok, so you have to click through.

Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)

An interesting conversation (well, to me) about de-aging actors for movies.

The latest ‘Pirates’ film has a flashback sequence with a young Jack Sparrow, and this involved casting a younger actor to be young Jack’s performance on set, and then combining it with Johnny Depp’s performance, through VFX.

This picture of the younger actor (Anthony De La Torre) showed up online today and, I have to agree with some people, he looks enough like Depp, to me, that the VFX are almost redundant;

Could the producers have saved some serious money by just going with a lookalike actor?