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Looking at her left leg change makes me uncomfortable.

Like when you see the slow motion of a really bad injury taking place in football.


Yes, as I said. Her real body isn’t perfect so they gave her a better one.

Now if they had only thought it through in advance, they could have made an animated movie and guaranteed she looked picture-perfect.


I’m going to be complete blunt and say that the skin tight suit reveals too much.


Your face reveals too much :grinning:


It does NOT :sob:

Everyone is so MEAN.


Fair point.


Well you shouldn’t be going out with your face dressed like that, should you?


I’ll dress how I wanna!


Yeah, with all your features on show like this hussy!!




The official explanation for why they changed from a real suit to a CGI suit was;

we ended up with some unwanted folds and creases on the practical suit, and following some tests to remove it, we all decided it would be better to replace the whole practical suit instead. It also gave the director the opportunity to have some refinements made to the design.

My opinion is that the second one was the big reason. The director had signed off the design in pre-production and that lead to Weta Workshop spending the production’s money to build the suit and make as many copies of it were needed for Johannson and her stunt doubles.

But then in post production…

The CG version isn’t really representing a suit anymore, it’s telling different story about the physical nature of the character and that’s a legitimate artistic choice.

But this is an expensive way to figure out that you want to do that.

Regarding the suit showing too much. That kind of problem isn’t new. A lot of work is done to fix things like that in TV shows and movies.


I’m not sure. I think it’s still meant to be a suit. There were definitely one or two short scenes in the movie where you saw more of SJ’s neck and upper body than you’re able to see with the suit on (both with the practical and CGI version).

Maybe they were mistakes, and remnants of a time when it was meant to be a suit rather than simply being her body, but I remember them particularly because they gave me pause while watching it, and made me think the suit wasn’t meant to be her actual body, but instead an over-layer.


And, you’re the expert so correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing that there were solid technical reasons for why they couldn’t address those problems without also making her boobs stand out better and her thighs thinner.


Presumably because they were aiming for a deliberately idealised body shape, and took the opportunity to make changes to bring the design more in line with that, free of real-world restrictions.


They must be really kicking themselves for not realising that the best way to get an idealised body shape is to have the whole thing animated. If only they had seen something similar that could have given them a clue!


I don’t make expert money Dave, but if you want to endorse that… :wink:

Materials are what they are, the practical suit is (essentially) a very sophisticated wetsuit with some armour pieces added. It’s going to wrinkle, that’s just what real fabric does.

It’s also going to pull a person’s anatomy around in particular ways. Costume designers are expert at controlling that, in fact clothes designers of any sort learn how to control that, but only as far as materials and biology will allow them to.

CG has no limitations in that way. Physics is something that has to be added and it can be changed. Scotty would be deeply envious!

The biggest difference to the look of the CG version isn’t the lack of wrinkles, it’s the way the “material” follows the idealised human form, rather than forcing the human to conform to the material’s physical properties.

That and the choice to removed the armour and blend things like the holster into her leg etc.

It’s likely that the original suit was a compromise that everyone was happy with but that, given the chance to go for exactly what they wanted with no limits, the director jumped at it.

Maybe it was the right choice? But I’m not sure that Scarlett in CG sells more tickets than Scarlett in a weaponised wetsuit?


Are you

…condoning witchcraft?



I’m going to cautiously say …

…no? :confused:


Only a witch would say no!



I knew it!