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Magic from WETA Workshops! Here is the first one on Silicon Molds 101. Yes, they all look like condom molds at first! Got that. Adam Savage and Norm from TESTED (the latest Mythbusters iteration) on YouTube have a week’s worth coming.



This one is not strictly movie magic, but rather the concepts behind deception.
Let’s take a look at the ones behind the curtain!


Perhaps @sord21 will add the links? Thanks!


No problem :wink:

my “making of” vid:


Can you copy this over to the Movie Magic thread? It fits perfectly!


I see what you did there…



A slightly weird French commerical;

And the making of it;



This could go in the Rogue One and/or Star Wars threads too;



Catching up on some VFX reels;



That Rogue One video was amazing. Honestly didn’t realise the entire island was generated, has really assumed they’d filmed on some palm tree-infested location. Good job there, ILM!


They did film bits of it on location, but less of the bits where it blew up.

Tropical islands prefer pyrotechnics to be fireworks at beach hotels.


Danny Boyle’s The Beach is a good example of that after they left the locations they were using in tatters environmentally.



This is the state of the art for car CGI now, it’s mostly used for commercials, but it’ll get more play in films as it develops;


I love the Blackbird. It is so cool. I think it would be cool even without the ability to do the stuff for CGI just because it can behave dynamically like so many different cars.