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That’s awesome.


Okay, we’re talking Prometheus here, specifically the opening segment. A wee spoilery bit. Big Blue Guy appears, has some sort of Thermos cup. Camera shots indicate Huge Spaceship hovering above is waiting for Big Blue Guy to do something. He opens the Thermos cup, which seems to have living metallic crystals running about. Big Blue Guy drinks. Huge Spaceship goes away. Crystals demolish Big Blue Guy. Big Blue Guy should not have drunk the metallic crystal Kool-Aid.

Now, what was in that cup, and was it a CGI effect? Nope, this is a bit of weird science I just discovered via a vid by a guy that I like “Crazy Russian Hacker”. The name is completely appropriate. He posted this yesterday.

Looks like bismuth is going for $13-$15 a pound or so. CRH used seven pounds. So $91-$105, plus tax. And a couple of pans. And a stove. And some molten-metal-proof gloves…


Heh. I wonder whether they’re making this part of an actor’s training now. “How to jump and land properly”.


This is just too much fun!

@Bigdaddy - Another idea for your armory!


I love how much joy he is getting out of it.

I also love how he starts the video talking about “safety first”, then he is just man handling the dry ice without gloves.


Oh, he’s not the worst. He’s about as safe as a fire elemental in a dynamite factory!


This one should be required viewing for all MWers!



TV magic, too! How to Torture Ninjas!


A local company. Apparently, they make Rocket Raccoon blasters.


Watch the vids!


Posting this one for the “smoke waterfall” trick. This could be very handy in making even short home video! The tea bag trick shows the principle on display in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This fellow also has video on origami (which explains the paper).





The Hollywood diet;

Bulking up the Comedian for ‘Watchmen’.



Will we see more in the future? This time they did Tarkin and Leia and Anakin (not mentioned). Old Ben next?


Revealing the magic is starting to become an important social issue. I knew this was going to be necessary years ago, when my doc’s secretary - a nurse I thought rather level-headed - assured me that Dr. Hannibal Lecter was in a Louisiana penitentiary, and she was worried because a daughter lived nearby.

Movie magic is fun, but it’s a whole lot more fun when one really can discriminate fantasy from reality, effects from actors, and, maybe, one day, actors from roles.