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A very good company that has worked on projects both big and small;


And we have a place for this!




Here’s some work on a Flash cowl!

Hopefully I can soon link a vid of Takei in Kansas City trying on a full Sauron helmet.


Is Serkis the only guy that can do this stuff? I get it that he’s probably the best, but he is in EVERYTHING.


Well he’s the most experienced mocap actor, but his ‘Jungle Book’ movie (he’s directing it) is still in production and Alfonso Cuaron has been brought in to act as a consultant on that, probably because of ‘Gravity’, which was 99% virtual sets and mocap too.


Long or short answer?


i’ll take the long.


Andy was a clever actor and got involved with Peter Jackson and all the Lord of the Rings production. LotR, among other things, got very invested in new ways of creating effects, mostly through the WETA Workshop. This goes back to the Sorbo Hercules series. Motion capture (mocap) was going on, but went into high gear neat the end of Fellowship with the express purpose of creating Gollum properly, as he is a featured character in Two Towers. Outside of New Zealand, James Cameron’s company was working towards the same goal for Avatar. Now, following that massive cluster … ah, ball … is difficult at best, as technology basically exploded 2003-2006. Now, let’s take a little time jump. LotR was huge, as was Avatar and the Potter films. PJ said he didn’t want to do more Tolkien, so New Line (or what it became, I’m fuzzy there) hired Guillermo del Toro to write the script and direct two Hobbit films. Humans were involved, so this changed, del Toro sorta left but still had his name on the scripts and some pre-production done, PJ came back, and ever since complained of not enough time or money. Then The Hobbit became three films by studio edict. This just about killed PJ. Andy Serkis had been very involved in all the tech as well as mocap, and became Second Unit Director as well, taking a lot of the burden off PJ. Neither was all that happy with much past “Unexpected Journey”, but it got done. Serkis was also doing the Rise of the Planet of the Apes and between and betwixt all this pretty much became the Monarch of Mocap. The dude has skiils! Not to mention being Ulysses Klaw and Snoke!


The short of it is it’s a clever idea to get in on the ground floor in a new industry.

Until he dies Serkis will be the most experienced guy you can get in on mocap stuff.


This <4m vid from WETA Workshop describes doing 1::30 scale model Dol Goldur. For sale?


An example of why movies costs so much; in ‘BvS’ there’s a brief glimpse of a “bat creature”, I won’t say any more than that, but it’s there, for a second or two.

Here’s how it was made;
Original concept Design by Patrick Tatopoulos
Body cast of the actor playing the creature.
Sculpting the head.
Sculpting the body.
Molding the body.
Cleaning the mold.
Cleaning up edges on the foam-cast suit.
Sculpting the claws.
Adding them to the hands (sculpted separately)
Molding the hands.
Sculpting the teeth.
Molding the head “cowl”.
Molding the face appliance.
Test fitting the suit.
Painting the suit.
Painting the face appliance.
Applying the face.
Taking a ***ing break after it’s done!


Wow. I don’t think that much work went into the original xenomorph from Alien.


100 extra bonus points for this post, noble @steveuk! Exactly what I was going for in this thread. Some of us know some movie magic, and it’s kinda hard to teach without hands-on or a media studio!

You made my threading worthwhile.



Right cool article. Expecting a bunch of tech magic soon!


If you haven’t seen ‘Central Intelligence’ (and you plan to) this could be considered spoiler;


Conan O’Brien visits Ironhead Studios In Van Nuys.

I could have seen the place from my first apartment there!


Spoof commercial for make-up, animatronic, suit makers Legacy Effects;