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The Jim Carrey starring TV show ‘Kidding’.


Here’s a higher res version:


Very cool to see the kind of effort they’re putting into a sequence like this. I think single take stuff is often so great simply because it is such a challenge and needs so much work to shoot; everybody has to automatically be at their best and most focused, or it won’t work.

(A bit like stagecraft, where that is concerned, really.)


Kidding is Gondry isn’t it? I’m not surprised to see him doing stuff like this, his films have always made ingenious use of in-camera effects. I remember Kate Winslet talking about a similar (but less complicated) single shot in Eternal Sunshine where she had to walk off-set in one direction, run around the back of the set and then appear on the other side (I think in different costume) and walk on from the other side as a different version of her character.

And then there was all that great forced-perspective stuff like this.


Yeah and there’s loads of it in his pop videos too.


I loved some of the crude but charming stuff he had the characters do in Be Kind Rewind too.


Gondry did the first two episodes, but this one was Jake Schreier, who directed the pretty-good Robot & Frank a few years ago.


Oh, interesting. It looked straight out of a Gondry film to me.

(And I remember Robot & Frank, it was good.)


Gondry’s an EP on the series, so he could still have been involved in planning the sequence.


A bad film but a good example of how complex VFX can get;


Lone Ranger was partially filmed here in Colorado, which brought up the conversation again that Colorado needs to do a whole lot better when it comes to tax breaks and friendliness to attract studios to film here. C’mon, y’all really don’t want to film in Utah, now do ya?


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So comics are basically the key to story telling. Woohoo, where’s our trophy?! What do you mean, “Storyboards aren’t comics?”


Certainly the Sin City books were storyboards for the subsequent films. Same with much of Akira.



Hmmm. I dont know what i think of that. It’s a combination of processes rather than a singular ‘engine,’ it’s a bit like an artist patenting their style.

It is beautiful though, it seems shakey and uncomfortable to begin with - like watching a 3D film without the glasses - but when your eyes get used to it (if you let them) it’s like someone is spraying the visual equivalent of astro belts into your eyes.

Just for anyone not sure if they are going to see it in the cinema, I REALLY do recommend that you don’t wait for it on Bluray. If you loves comics and have ever enjoyed cartoons of any type, anime or not, go and watch this on as big a screen as possible.

@Lorcan_Nagle I know you rarely go to the cinema but I do feel this is one you will be annoyed you didn’t see on a big screen, same goes for anyone else who loves anime. While it’s not an anime movie, it’s the equivalent of western comics converted to screen in the same vein as manga being converted to anime.