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From a unexpected, Toddish source. This is fun.


This one is mostly for @rocket and @Jim - but also for anybody who digs it.


Also posting this here, so it doesn’t get lost.


Good timing, Steve. By the weekend I’ll rent Ragnarok!




It’s been a month, but here’s something even older, Double Negative (the VFX company) has just released a VFX reel for ‘Fate of the Furious’;


Making the Jeep ‘Jurassic World 2’ commercial;

Uselessly, you have to click through to watch the commercial and the making of. :roll_eyes:




This is some really fine work;


Posting this here too as it’ll get lost fast in the Marvel thread.


As with the previous video, I’m posting this here too in case it gets lost in the Marvel thread.


More Infinity War VFX.


Good long article. Posting this here because at the end there’s a 12-page PDF of storyboarding. Clicky before it goes away!


One of the acknowledged problems with the old Supermarionation shows was that puppets couldn’t walk. They made the flaw it into an asset – by using vehicles to give the shows dynamic movement, and the vehicles are what became iconic, of course. But still, it was a significant problem, and led to things like the (unintentionally) ridiculous “moving walkways” sequences in Captain Scarlet.

Now, more than 50 years after Supermarionation debuted, they’ve cracked the walking problem:

These are just early tests. I’ve seen finished footage and it’s even better than this.



That’s bitchin’! Was into Supercar as a kid. Loved the car, laughed at the motions.

Always did like stop-motion, Harryhausen of course. My buddy Tim either did or was going to do a project with Art Clokey (Gumby) in the '80’s - must ask him what happened with that!



This is quite incredible!


What’s that from?