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We needed a thread where the behind-the-scenes magic is discussed. Sort of technology, sort of cosplay, lots of stuff with very expensive toys.

Starting off, I submit a very fine interview courtesy of Tested (sort of the post-Apocalyptic Mythbusters) with Jose Fernandez. He runs Ironhead Studios, and has been involved for a long time making helmets, costumes and other designed stuff. Lots of Batman v. Superman and X-Men: Apocalypse stuff here.

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How about some ‘Fury Road’;



I’d bet Andy Serkis is studying this intensely! He already says the f/x planned for his mocap version (to start after he does Episode VIII, apparently) is another order of magnitude, especially when it comes to capturing facial acting and transferring it to critters.



I love that so much!

One of my favorites is when, mostly on late-night TV, they have someone in front of a greenscreen - and then somebody forgets or cannot put up whatever was supposed to be the background and we see, well, green screen. Small things amuse me.


It needs the Benny Hill music. :slight_smile:


Why, I heard that tune quite clearly. What’s wrong with you? :laughing:


Some of the most impressive movie magic to me was done in The Lord of the Rings, not so much the digital (though it was impressive) but the forced perspective shots making the hobbits look small by having the actors sit far apart with different sized props but getting the eye lines to meet. I love seeing stuff done with practical effects and it helps the actors with their performance.
This is not the result of digital effects :wink: :


Forced perspective and two actors, one 7’ 3" and the other 3’ 6"! (Don’t make me precise on the heights, a short guy and a tall guy!)



Holy crap. How did you manage that?


I’m guessing it was beyond usual “special effects”.

I have found to wait quietly for explanations.


It took a few hundred rounds of various caliber ammunition and 5 separate Tannerite targets ranging from 1/2 - 2 lbs. I should add that all the fluids were drained, the battery was removed and the tank and fuel lines filled with water 1st.


Hey! That ain’t proper redneck! :laughing:


That sounds like fun.

That’s why he still has all his fingers and toes along with the use of both eyes. :wink:


This was the 1st explosion with a 1/2 lb target that my wife shot with an AR-15 from 150 yards, it was filmed with a long lens and 2 unmanned cameras set at 100 yards, safety first! :wink:


You’ve got something amazing cooking there, don’t ya?


I sure hope so :slight_smile:


There’s always space for this guy: