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Movie mag predictions for 2015 cinema!


Does anyone remember what Empire etc predicted for this year? I suspect F7, Jurassic World and Kingsman all way under-estimated. Does anyone still have their copies?

I always remember Speed Racer being guessed as a hit too, but to be fair I hoped for the best for that one myself as it really did look cool when the designs first went up.



He turned into pure speed at the end of the final race. By all accounts it should have been a hit


I left after about 30 mins. As far as I recall it’s the only time I’ve ever walked out on a movie.

No, wait. Hollywood Homicide too and more recently Legend.



I remember we were talking about Depp’s Mortecai coming out a couple weeks before Kingsman, and how I predicted Mortecai would tank big time thus leaving the spot and the audience taste to make "Kingsman* a hit. There was also some blither about Spy taking a bit of Kingsman thunder, but all it did was reinforce Kingsman sales.

I also seem to recall Jurassic World being very iffy pre-release, much talk of high production costs for “another sequel”.

Don’t recall much read about F7, as I have friends who were friends with Paul Walker, and was busy dealing with their dealing with that tragedy. Haven’t seen the F&F films.

Seems to me Kingsman 2 should be released two weeks after another Depp wonder.


I did find O’Hara’s summer prediction post. Let’s see what he said:

[quote=“JimOHara, post:46, topic:125”]
Jurassic World 250 mil US, 600 mil global. It’s still just another Jurassic Park movie and that’s going to put a ceiling on it. I don’t see how it can offer much more than the previous movies, so this is JP3 with inflation.[/quote]

And my response:


(That said, nobody made predictions but Jim, so it isn’t totally fair of me to dredge his predictions up when I did not make any myself. And, obviously, I did not expect Jurassic World to be a top-5 all-time film.)


Wow, I loved it.
Except for the Chim-Chim parts - he was annoying.

But it was very colorful, creative, and not ironic in anyway, which I appreciated then and still do now in stuff based on fantastical things.

I can see how it’d annoy though.


I think anyone who predicted it to be top 5 all time should play the lottery daily. I still can’t explain why it was such a huge hit, there’s something going on with cinema right now that I can’t quite pin down. Jurassic World just doesn’t make sense to me.


People must have thought that Chris Pratt was bringing the raccoon along for the dinosaur rides!


Especially given how big of a colossal bore it was.


Quality isn’t as important as we think. If fact it hardly matters at all. If you look at the top 20 all time movies there’s not that many great movies - AOU, Avatar, JW, F&F7, IM3, fucking Minions, Transformers, POTC 3 & 4 - shit sells.

I think the key is editing and visuals. Bright, simple, exciting, breakneck pace, beautiful to look at, CGI heavy - this is the future of movies. I think the Wachowskis are the guys in Hollywood who are more forward thinking than anyone else. They’re the Warren Ellis’ of movies. They have great ideas, see the future, but can’t execute. And the biggest movies are iterations of what they tried to do with Matrix, Speed Racer and Jupiters Ascending (JA died because the cast were awful). What they’re doing is what others should aim for, except for you-know, not making a confusing mess.


Speed Racer wasn’t so confusing haha, it was rather straight froward.
Evil car racing syndicate., but yeah in all seriousness I get your point.
I mean, even with Jupiter Ascending, my main thoughts after it was over were “this could have been a lot tighter”


Had a look through my old back issues- Empire’s ‘20 Films you HAVE to see in 2015 & Starwars’ from Feb edition includes:

  • Mad Max
  • Ant Man
  • Crimson Peak
  • Terminator Genisys
  • Avengers AOU
  • Everest
  • Chappie
  • Furious 7
  • Tomorrowland
  • The Martian
  • Inside Out
  • Child 44
  • Fantastic Four (hahahah!)
  • In the Heart of the Sea
  • Jurassic World
  • MI:5
  • Pan
  • Hunger Games Mokingjay 2
  • The Man from UNCLE
    & Star Wars

Though there is a 6 page feature on Kingsman right afterwards!

Let me know if you want any scans of the pages :smile:a


I’m setting up a Pan and Chappie double feature if anyone wants to come over.


I will



Concept is king. Concept includes aspects like casting and action but the big movies tend to be ones you can sum up in a sentence.

Probably because most people pick a movie on the day they see it, a lot of them make their choice at the cinema.

A strong concept enables a clear choice to be made.


I loved it, too. My son has gotten into the cartoons and I showed him the music video for the updated theme from the movie - which is basically race highlights from the movie - and he was blown away. Bought the movie for him but haven’t given it to him yet.


I just googled and am mesmerised. Seriously, as bad as that movie was, this is incredible…


Yeah - goddamn.
I can see why people would be turned off, but as @Will said the races were the highlights and the updated theme…catchy.
Favorite part?
When the asian newscaster in the final race does that final


It’s so pumped up, it’s like the anti-thesis to Jupiter Ascending in terms of how awake I was.


I saw Speed Racer twice in the theatres and bought the DVD the day it came out. In a just world it makes a billion dollars and influences the next generation of movies (although they’d need a tighter plot and probably a more compelling lead).

From my perspective the Wachowskis saw that they had influenced 10+ years of film with the color pallete and style of the Matrix and tried to go in the exact opposite direction with Speed Racer, which was a very bold, if perhaps foolhardy, thing to do.

I also loved Cloud Atlas, though not as much. Jupiter Ascending I haven’t seen, but I think they’re the bravest filmmakers out there and we need more people like them.