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Movie editing software. Adobe premier Pro vs iMovie


Anybody have any experience with these programs.
I’m trying to weigh up weather it’s worth retraining myself in Prem pro for some marketing goodness for my books next year.
iMovie is quicker and simpler but prem pro has more control longer term.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Does retraining mean you’ve used Premiere or another, higher end editing program before?

Premiere works like most pro editing softwares (Avid, the old version of FCP etc.) wereas iMovie is (as you say) a lot simpler. There’s also FCPX but that’s it’s own world.

The answer is the one I’m sure you’re expecting; it depends on what you plan to do with it?

Complex work needs more tools, and Premiere has them, but if you don’t need them then save yourself the time and money and stick with iMovie.


I wish you’d have posted this a week ago, Adobe had about 40% on Black Friday.

I couldn’t really do without the Adobe bundle. It’s 50 a month but it has absolutely everything. Based on just premiere pro and nothing else you have solid stand ins as far as other editing software goes - just as GIMP is a solid stand in for Photoshop. Ultimately you don’t need Adobe, even if you have various things you need to do you can get the same results elsewhere, but Adobe just always feels more solid and I’ve only ever lost work twice which in itself, for me, is amazing. I’ve found the recovery after any sort of unexpected shutdown to be a lifesaver.

One thing I can say is that nothing I’ve tried holds up to adobe aftereffects - I can’t speak for anyone else but it is fantastic to use and there are countless templates and ‘how to’s’ on the internet for pretty much anything you need to make videos sparkle and set them off that wee bit more, so obviously working in unison with premiere pro is great in terms of user and computer work rate.


To add -

In a marketing sense I think you are meaning trailers - if that’s the case then I’m assuming you’ll want your logos to really pop. Using aftereffects along with prem pro means you can do pretty cool things like put logos behind people or objects and have them sit static with absolute ease of use. Like, you can follow a YouTube walk through and have professional results in an hour. It’s genuinely great for stuff like that. I haven’t tried yet but I assume animating panels will be just as easy, especially if you separate the layers first via photo shop.


Thanks guys for reaffirming my thoughts
Basically looking to add a few flash effects to flat pages to make em pop

I’ve had the adobe bundle for a while so it’s high time I make more use of it.

I had someone else build my logo intro below on after effects as it saved me a bit of time but I probably could of done it myself after a few hours.

Definitely think my ADHD is getting worse as I get older! :joy:


Yeah I’m no wizard so if I can do it you should have no probs.

One thing I will say that more often that not when someone animates a logo for you, they’ve used a template. I don’t think that’s a bad thing (though obviously you lose out on uniqueness) and a great idea is to ask for the template and files so you can do further changes yourself and not have to start from scratch. So you can add colour changes or add bulletholes or things maybe to make a the intro a wee bit more special for a future ad.


Do you really think you can edit movies? You’ve only got a topic in the right category once. :wink:




This doesn’t help, but my preference is FCP X.


With that kind of track record, he really should be a studio executive.