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Movember 18


As it is nearly November I thought I’d start this off.

This year, the first for a few (and much to my wife’s disappointment), I will be taking part in Movember. For those who aren’t aware it is a quite passive form of sponsored fundraising for male cancer and suicide prevention charities.
Over the course of November I will be growing a (frankly terrible) moustache for sponsorship and to raise awareness of male cancers.
As some of you are aware my Grandad is currently dealing with what is most likely to be terminal prostate cancer, so this is something close to my heart.
Is anyone else taking part this year? Would anyone here like to take part? I’m not sure if you can be in more than one “team” but it would be cool to have a Millarworld team if enough people are interested and willing.

The website to sign up is and my personal page can be found at


I salute you and your efforts.
I for one am banned from Movember for two reasons.
Firstly, I own it. Every time I have participated I have always won the office competitions putting my colleagues to shame with the levels of manliness. So much so that one year I shaved on the 15th just to give the others a chance and still won.
Second. Sindy wouldn’t touch me for a month so I’m kinda a non starter.
She has my man card, my testicles and my passport (In no particular order)

I’ll chip in to your efforts though.
Good luck :wink:


I admire Movember, but I shall be maintaining current whitening hairs in their current hideous form. I’m in Year 38 of being a survivor. Grow them follicles!


I broke the news to Helen earlier today, she hasn’t spoken to me since. She really likes my beard/dislikes my face…


“Waiter, there’s a hair in my marriage…”


Up to £45 already, thank you for the donations so far.


All my best to your grandfather and the rest of your family. I will be honored to join a Team Millarworld Movember group to help the cause!


Right here is the plan…

If I can get another £35 of funding by 8pm tonight then I will shave my beard off live online via Facebook live.

@MKuty9 Sign up over in the Movember website and I can see if I am able to set up another team.


I’m broke, but I do have a spare razor you could use. Kinda dull, but, hey…


Okay… so… err…

Join me over on FB from 9pm if you want to watch me get my face naked…

Blown away by the donations I have received over the last hour or so, not only did they smash my target for the Facebook live shaving but I am also now halfway to my overall fundraising target.


It’s always the last minute, eh?





I’m playing as well this year, but rather than invade Chris’ space I’m going to “Move it” instead.

2018 has been a difficult year. I’ve been stressed out, depressed, and demotivated. It has been a struggle mentally and physically.

So, this year, for Movember, I’ve decided to “Move It” and run 60km in the next 30 days, in support of the 60 men who commit suicide worldwide every hour.

I don’t run. I hate running. This is going to be hard. Please help make it worth my while and donate.

Thank you!