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Most you've paid for a single issue


Leading on from my Aladdin’s cave post the other day. I was wondering what the most is you’ve paid for a single issue. Mine is a SDCC variant of Nick Roche & Bryan Lynch’s Monster Motors

I paid £50 for that and then instantly made it worthless by getting Nick to sign it to me. I don’t care though, it’s one of my fav books of the last few years so having it signed means more to me.


Good question!

I will be way down at the low end of the scale in this thread. I don’t collect single issues, and I don’t buy comics for the collectibility aspect whatsoever (and mostly stick to trades), so the only singles I own are ones that either aren’t available in collections or have a certain amount of sentimental value to me.

So given that, probably about a fiver or so! Most recently when I was tracking down some old un-reprinted Grant Morrison stuff like his Near Myths work - I got all five issues of that run for just over twenty quid.


For me it was Swamp Thing issue 20.

I didn’t even know Moore had written this issue, thinking 21 was his first, and so it just climbed in value from 30p or whatever to 20 quid by the late eighties. This was more than I had to spend in an average week when I was eighteen and so I waited until I had some Christmas money and bought it with that.

But very rarely have I or would I spend more than a fiver on a regular sized comic.



The important question is though, do you still have it?


Of course! I’ve parted with many comics over the years, but nothing by Moore or Miller or Chaykin or Curt Swan has ever left my grasp!!



Money well spent then :slight_smile:


Totally worth it Johnny. Nick is excellent and Monster Motors has been a lot of fun.

In the last few years I think has been €10/20 the most I’ve dropped on a single issue.
And it was the DICE Variant to Half past Danger.

Great book.


I think that I spent 8 or 9 old Irish pounds on Hellblazer 27. It was in mint condition and it was a present for my then girlfriend/now wife.


Exceptionally jealous of that. Big fan of Half-Past Danger too

Nick signed his variant for me as well. Have to see if I can get hold of a copy of that Dice One though.


I spent $90 on cgc graded first print East of West #1 signed by Hickman and Dragotta, when I was in the States last year, I already had first print #1 but didn’t own a graded comic, plus I had tons of cash left and didn’t want to bring it home. It was a total splurge but you can’t take it with you when you go.


In the early 90s I would spend $35 easily on an early Claremont / Byrne Xmen comic as I was trying to complete their run and comics were such a good investment :grinning:


big fan of that mark, do more of this :slight_smile:


Did you complete it Sean?


I honestly don’t remember but I think so. I have this vague memory of just needing the first appearance of Alpha Flight and then finding it for a reasonable price when the series ended.

I consider it a good sign that I’m not feeling obsessed with pulling out my long boxes, finding the right box and checking right now😀


I want you to do just that, find them! also first appearance of Alpha Flight was published the week I was born. Clearly its fate you go to that box right now


You did the right thing. A comic that means something personal to you is more valuable than one that’s worth a thousand pounds to an anonymous collector.


For me, I can’t actually remember. In the 80s when I was still bothered about completing collections, I think I spent up to £4.50 on a couple of back issues. Which, to put in context, must have been more than 10 times cover price.

Now, I can’t imagine any comic I would spend more than cover price on. And I think cover price is too high for most of them :smile:


Probably Superman Vs.Muhammad Ali for about 40 bucks. Then a couple more bucks when I got it signed by Neal Adams. I don’t really have the money to buy really nice copies of older books, but as long as they’re not falling apart and I can read them I’m happy.


I’m the same Steven. I’m never gonna own a 9.4 original Spider-man for example, but any book of that age that is intact I have a lot of love for.


I’ve only read the reprint that DC put out a couple of years ago, but it is a great book.