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More Than Men #1

Hi fellow Millarworlders, I’m the artist on More Than Men, a comic book about what would happen if only the rich have access to super powers. We’re running a Kickstarter campaign right now, and are always looking for more support. We’re fully funded and ready to go!

Cover A

Some sample pages!
Pencils and inks by myself, Butch Mapa

Colored by Valerie st. Gelais with Fahriza Kamaputra

Written and Lettered by Evan Waterman

Character design for Faith (part of extras available only in this Kickstarter edition of the digital download)

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter campaign page, please check us out and share around!


Bad link there.

Whoops! Thanks for the heads up, Bruce, link should be working now! We got 2 new backers since I posted this, so that warms the heart. :slight_smile:

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The art is excellent.

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Thank you! I had two talented colorists working over my art. :slight_smile:

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