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More fave moments in superhero movies


It’s weird that bad movies can have good moments, but I think Superman 4 has several because it really tried hard and was constrained by budget. Superman 3 set out to be a bad movie. You watch interviews with the writers and they’re buzzing about writing for Richard Pryor more than Superman. But Superman 4 is such an anomaly. It’s terrible in places, but stuff like this and Clark Kent sitting in his apartment tormented over nuclear situation and saving the cosmonauts in the opening are all gold.

I wonder… what’s the genuinely good moments in BAD superhero movies.

Here’s mine:


all i’m gonna say is…pink elephant.
Still makes me laugh.

“take the F$%King elephant!”


Holy shit, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I have to see that movie. :wink:


Dark man is terrible but i love it :smiley:


I love that scene. Superman IV had so much promise.


What even are the superhero films that we can all agree are bad?

The last two Reeves Superman, the last two 90s Batman, X3, Spidey 3, Green Lantern, Age of Ultron, and then the early 00s flotsam?

Divisive stuff like Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, and the Amazing Spider-Man films all have pretty big fans.


It’s trickier than that. Not all of us hate X3 and Age of Ultron isn’t bad, just a bit dissapointing after the first one.

Even Daredevil has it’s defenders.


I rewatched the first Burton Batman not too long ago and didn’t think it held up well.

Like me. :wink:


Complicating things further, I like Spidey 3 and Batman Forever, and I think X3 is just ‘ok’. :blush:

I think Green Lantern is probably the only one that will be unanimous. :slight_smile:

(Maybe Catwoman.)


I always loved Superman 4. I think that scene in the apartment is the only time you see Clark Kent’s home in the whole series of films.

I kind of like the batman/two face helicopter fight from Batman Forever.


Yeah, I’m a Spidey 3 fan.

Who doesn’t hate X3 though? I tried looking up the Juggernaut scene for this thread, because my memory of it was positive, and couldn’t believe how stupid it is. “I’m Juggernaut, bitch.” Really? And then Kitty beats him by running to the right rather than straight ahead.

Too bad because Juggernaut could make for a really cool visual in a film.


That scene got a huge laugh when I saw it.

I think it’s a fan thing a lot of the time, the general public doesn’t give a tiny damn about how Juggernaut could be if he wasn’t played by Vinnie Jones in a muscle suit. They care what he does in that movie, and he does it just fine.

Think of him as the opposite of an Ultimate version; he’s the very limited version, a blunt instrument in more ways than one.


I like the Amazing Spider-Man movies. The second one especially, for getting Spider-Man so perfectly, crackling chemistry between the leads and for being colourful.
It’s a movie sabotaged by the money men, whixh is in stark contrast to Man of Steel which was sabotaged by the writer and director.
I’d take an earnest failure over a cynical success.


The Amazing Spider-Man movies were earnest?



In terms of the actors and director I’d say so. It’s a shame that they never got to fully make the film that they wanted to make.


You haven’t seen Darkman???!!!

You know, even if it was ten years later, it’s kind of funny to imagine the producers meeting about the Spider-Man movie they’re going to do and one of them goes, “Hey, couldn’t we get the guy who made Darkman for this?”

(Yeah, I do realise Raimi was a well-known quantity and wouldn’t have been refered to as Darkman Guy. But still.)


I plan on rectifying this very soon. :slight_smile:


Then my work here is done…