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Monty and Zuzu's WTF strip



The world seems increasingly grim, so to counterbalance that I started posting a funny cartoon every week onto Instagram and Twitter*.

I meet up with my genius friend Zuzanna Dominiak in a Dundee pub every week and we throw ideas around till one of us creases up, usually because of something Zuzu says or something that happened to me.

Then we make and post the strip the next day, generally NSFW ideas about ideas, sex, tea, art, reality, penguins, and making comics, among other things.

If you like 'em you can find lots more here, and they’re all free.


Hope they make you giggle too :slight_smile:

(*I don’t mean this in a glib way. Creating comics genuinely makes me happy, a quick way to turn negative feelings into positive actions. If there’s something wrong in the world it’s always better for my peace of mind to create something, or do something, rather than just moan about it. Creativity isn’t just about what you produce, the process is also really valuable.)


Writers may recognise the Four D’s of creativity. :slight_smile:)


This week we were talking about moon missions, and how sad it is we don’t have a lunar base or any of that cool futuristic shizzle we were promised.

Or do we? :wink:


It’s all true :smiley:



This week we did the history of swearing in four panels!


These little comics are great, Monty.


Cheers, Ronnie. All praise to Zuzu. It’s a 50/50 collaboration, whatever makes us both giggle that week.


This week we’re reviewing all the latest comics :slight_smile:



Great comics! keep it up