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Mock human sacrifice at CERN facility


This went onto the interwebs last night. Take a look…

Super-odd and probably faked, though I do wonder why they would bother. What would be the point of going to all this effort? But CERN has always kinda creeped me out. Their 666 logo. Their main entrance with the statue of SHIVA THE DESTROYER. Their creepy-ass opening ceremony with Lucifer, etc, watched by all the world leaders. It’s just really bloody odd.


It’s called Freaking the Mundanes.


I always think of Stein’s Gate where CERN discovers time travel and takes over the world without anyone noticing through manipulating minor events in history, and then stops anyone else from stumbling onto time travel.


The logo thing is brilliant!

I think it’s awesome that they held a mock sacrifice there. This is going to give the conspiracy theorists so much fodder.


One day you’re going to get a secret handshake on the streets of Glasgow and the Illuminati will bring you in on all the worlds secrets. The lizard people, the gateways to heaven and hell, the purpose of humanity, what happens to the dead, the secret council who run the world and how to use your mind for superpowers.

Then they’ll ask if you’re in or you’re out and they’ll implant the chip into the back of your head and we’ll never discuss conspiracy theories ever again. That’s how we’ll know. Just remember us when the cleansing ships come.


Sure “mock” human sacrifice. What do you think makes the LHC work, electricity? Wake up, sheeple!


Someone let some photos out, did they?

Take a guess at who the next sacrifice will be!

Go ahead! Guess!


Tom Cruise!


Tom will survive though. He seems indestructible. Besides he can run really fast.