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Mock Cover WIP

Hi guys!
My name is Adrian Nelson and I’m a new participant on the board and thought I’d share a piece I decided to work on. I plan on making updates in this thread until this one is fully completed. This could be the beginning of a few pieces that i approach as if I’m working on a cover for some of my favorite characters.

Feedback is always welcome.


I like the composition. I feel like it’s a bit of a shame that the top parts of the higher figure are a bit obscured by the logo, though - would it be possible to move the image down the page slightly without losing too much of that nice wing at the bottom and the tip of the sword?

The lower part of the image feels relatively empty so hopefully there’s a way to see more of the whole thing.

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Thanks Dave for taking the time to give some input. Here’s an adjustment with your suggestion in mind. I just resized the overall image size to clear the logo, but, only by a little. I’m working on this in my spare time so the inks won’t start until tomorrow.


Looks good to me!

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Good layout. I was writing the same that Dave pointed out. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Maybe puting the right hand of Doom & the Samaritan in the foreground and the logo in the background instead resizing?

Looking forward to see it finished.


Well done, Adrian. I have a soft spot for any Hellboy illustration, since he’s my favorite comics character now.

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Thanks! Give me a day or 2 for the inks, the plan is to work the heck out of the smoke and clouds to make the 2 figures pop.

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