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Mission Impossible - Contains Spoilers


I went to see the movie last night and have one big question.

Where did that bulletproof box come from at the end, why was it filled with gas and, most of all, why did five highly-trained agents need it to take down that old guy?

So weird.



It was a callback to the “This Message will self destruct in 5 seconds” scene in the record shop at the start when Tom Cruise was stuck in the booth by the afforesaid guy, with bulletproof glass and gas.


I had totally forgotten that scene and thus utterly baffled :smile:

Many thanks!



Also, Sean Harris is 48, and probably wouldn’t like being called “that old guy.” :smile:

There were reports that they had stopped filming because they had to come up with an ending for the movie, and it seems they didn’t quite figure it out.


All is forgiven though, thanks to that terrific car/motorcycle chase sequence.


I really enjoyed it. After Fury Road, I think that I enjoyed it most out of all of the big movies that I saw this summer. It doesn’t get too bogged down in the backstory, it moves along nicely and it is a lot of fun. The scene at the opera was great.





They’ve downplayed the situation, but they did shut down and they did shoot a new ending and it was written during that pause in production.

Kudos to them for doing it though. It would’ve been easy to just say sod it and put the film out with an ending they didn’t think was good enough. The decision to take a breath and regroup really paid off for them.


I thought the climax was a dud compared to the action scenes that came before. I got the sense they were trying to make a very stylized chase on foot, like something out of the Third Man, but it didn’t quite work.


They had a bigger, global-threat kind of ending but they wanted to make it more personal, that’s why they eventually chose the hand to hand combat approach. The previous film had dropped a nuclear warhead on San Francisco and Tom Cruise 60 feet in a car so making it less “that” was a priority for them.


Tom’s getting old.


His thetan levels may be dropping but I wish I was in the shape he’s in.


I thought it was refreshing for the bad guy to be captured rather than killed in a spectacular fashion (the norm for this kind of film).


I hadn’t thought of that. That’s a very good point. And he wasn’t captured in a Loki/Joker/Javier Bardem “I wanted to be captured. It is all part of my fiendish plan” kind of way either.