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Millarworld's Talent Search - Results today!


You have no idea how much work went into this. Jim O’Hara and his crack team of mods have been amazing these last few months. Simply amazing, shepherding everyone, reading screenplays, keeping everybody up to speed with our 12 week search and subsequent reads.

We had around 1500 entries if I recall and I’m so blown away by the quality. The last week I’ve done nothing except read them and mull things over, trying to pick the final winners. The standard was so much higher than I expected and the budding creators truly international. Less than a third came from the US or UK and this was incredible. Totally unexpected.

Results later. I’m making a video. But six new writers and six new artists are about to make their debut.

Pause for breath. Back later with the 12 names.




I have the champagne ready for the celebration.
And the Balvenie ready for the commiseration.
I’m prepared… :slight_smile:


I’m ready to see who won! If I make it I’ll be super excited, if I don’t I’ll still be excited to see what each person brings to these characters.

Good luck to everyone!


Best of luck to everyone involved, there was a LOT of deserving talent in that thread - so also consider this a preemptive congratulations to those who made the cut!
Also, huge shout out to the MW Mods. You guys did a great job keeping things in order and sorting through a helluva lot of submissions. Well done!



The hardest part of this entire process will be Millar making and posting a video.


I’ll be refreshing the forums repeatedly through out the next hours! Really excited to see all the creators that I need to be on the look out for in the future.


Good luck to all. If you’re like me you carefully went though line by line of your drafts. And to the artists, good luck as well.


HA! So… by New Year maybe?





I entered the writing contest and I am FREAKING OUT!! Best of luck to everyone who participated.


Man, I am nervous… haha
Best of luck for everyone! 1500 entries!! You guys are awesome!!! ((:


I’m nervous and excited at the same time! Can’t wait for tomorrow. Christmas is coming early tomorrow for all of us!!!


It’s the part I’m most looking forward to. :wink:


I entered (as an artist) and I, probably like a lot of the other entrants went through nearly all the other submissions. I’m blown away to be in the company of so many talented people! Congrats to everyone who gets selected!


Best of luck to everyone. AMAZING work i’m seeing here. Super exciting! I’m peeing a little.


If your the band Europe - You love a final countdown