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New hashtag is circulating on Twitter. If you’re prone to Tweets, use #millarworldilluminati and see what happens …

A Matter of Interest to Blake
A Matter of Interest to Blake

Ominusbuseses, obviously.

But to be serious, I need to clarify a couple thing, just between us, with nobody listening. Mmm-kay?

First. You are right. There is “no such thing as a Millarworld illuminati”. In essence, you are quite correct. But the language! We capitalize Illuminati, as you well know! And, since you asked, the plural is, surprisingly, “Illuminatus” ! As I said, the essence is quite correct. There is no such thing as MillarWorld Illuminati. (It’s a personal preference, but I like the inappropriate capitalization in compound words like MillarWorld - which btw he came up with about twelve years after MiqqueWorld, which was a prototype that ended disastrously.) There is no such thing as MillarWorld Illuminatus. No. Such thing.

There is no such thing as MillarWorld Illuminatus.

There is no such thing as MillarWorld Illuminatus.

Never was.

Never will be.

And, if there were, we …er, they (I meant they!) would certainly have read your material before publication, made any changes appropriate and certainly would have corrected that mis-capitalization! They’re egotistic that way. About the name, I mean. I mean the people who are over-zealous about language and want to be sure words like Illuminatus and hemerrhoiditis are used properly. I mean, if there were people like that. Around, I mean. Not you or me fer shure! We’re mellow humans. There are those - I’ve heard, I mean! - who might hold a certain predicable snobbishness about when and how the term “MillarWorld Illuminati” is evoked.

And by this I mean, of course, the Moderators.

Oh, they seem nice! Some even seem like they are from this planet. Did you happen to see the South Park episode about the Lobster People? Word to the Wise.

We must ask ourselves, are they really “moderate”? Do some seem to have a polarized opinion from time to time? Is this indeed “Moderate”? Or is it more “Modest”, as in Jonathan Swift’s Proposal? Actually, there is no need to be concerned.

There is no such thing as MillarWorld Illuminatus.

No need for concern at all.

Think of it as a mantra.

There is no such thing as MillarWorld Illuminatus.

But there is such a thing as this here thread! This is a place to welcome Blake to the Pub, buy her drinks and ply her for secret plot details in future issues!

Watch out, Blake. This place is simply teeming with babies!


Translation for Blake: “Colorado has some great legal marijauna.”


Please look directly at this device.


Blake, that hasn’t worked on Miqque since 1969.


LOL Well I tried.

BTW some people are using #millarworldilluminati in Twitter now!



It’s the Millarworld Intelligencia that’s the real power! The Illuminati are just a front to distract the sheeple.


I miss the good old days! Where a fella could slaughter and pillage at his leisure.

None of this having to make Quota shite!

Stupid civil war ruined everything! Lets go back to a simpler time. A time before underpants!


That’s right. There are no Millarworld Illuminati. There have never been Millarworld Illuminati.


That’s not what your official Underpants Say.


“Why does the Pub drive away female posters?”



That says nothing about Millarworld Illuminati.

we have a turd in the punchbowl. I repeat, we have a turd in the punchbowl


I’ve seen Lorcan’s underpants, and they do NOT say that!

Did I post that out loud?


Can’t decide what’s scarier - the fact that you have seen Lorcan’s skivvies or that you chose to post about it.

So, what do they say?


“Abandon all hope ye who enter here”


HAHA It will take a lot more than that to drive me away, believe me.

My Facebook page is nothing but guys asking me to show them my boobs and butt (and some civil discourse, as well - it’s not all catcalling)

Man, show a little cleavage now and then…you bloody savages lose your minds. :smile:


Minor point of pedantry: “illuminati” is a plural, the singular is illuminatus (or illuminate in the vocative as it’s second declension – the only declension where this happens), and -a, -ae in the feminine.


Tell me about it. I had a similar problem oh so many years ago.
It was a much simpler time then.

That’s what the underpants want you to think!


stop revealing my secrets!


Yes that’s my job. Follow @Lorcan’ssecrets on Twitter.