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Millarworld talent search - The response?


One day in and it’s out of this world. Great to see!

I have a feeling we’re going to be spending a lot of December reading submissions!!



and laughing…by which i mean because mines funny! :smiley:


Terrific idea, Chief. Okay, so it broke the boards a bit and caused Work to happen, but great idea!

Mark, help me out here. Pick a number between 30 and 60. Thanky kindly!

  1. For obvious reasons!


Only you, Mark, could be asked to pick and card and answer “banana”.

It’s your character I’m setting out to mess with! C’mon! Between 30 and 60! This is important. It means something.

Don’t make me build sand sculptures on your lawn! :smile_cat:


You know what my response is? There’s no way all the folks in the art thread are unpublished / small time artists - the quality is beyond excellent. It’s a crime that so many of these folks haven’t already been snapped up!


you trust me, right?
i know i’m not an artist, but need your trust.