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Millarworld Talent Search is now closed!!!


Just back from London or I’d have posted this sooner, but the 30th of November deadline has passed and we have some SENSATIONAL stuff to get through. I really can’t wait to spend the next few weeks with the team reading through all the scripts and checking out the art. Some amazing art especially in the last few days. I think next year’s annual is going to be amazing.

Just like last year, I’ll be announcing the winners on December 23rd as an early Christmas present. 6 writers and 7 artists are about to get their first taste of a page-rate and their work in print. I’m never not excited to see mine two decades in, but there’s nothing like seeing it for the first time.





Where’s the art thread???



It’s here:


Thanks a lot for the chance.
I think it’s a great chance for everyone want change his passion in a job.


Good luck to all who entered! To those who win: You’re gonna have a blast!

To those who don’t make it: keep it up!

And, always, thanks to @Mark_Millar for putting this opportunity out there. It changes everything.


Just such a grand thing to do for folks!

Mark, Jim, Gar, Ronnie and all involved - how did it go? I’m thinking more submissions overall. Other than some repetitive questions, any major thoughts for next year?


My little regret is not to have inked my three pages. Thank you again for this second chance.


I really hope there are more “draw offs” in creative central this year. Had some fun after the contest was over last year and then it just kind of stopped.


@Mark_Millar Thank you so much for the opportunity.

I had a lot of fun writing and planning and re-reading to prepare my entry.
Good luck to everyone who entered!




can you talk a little about what the experience of being selected has done for you?



Briefly, it’s evidence that you’re

  1. Capable of writing at a professional level
  2. Capable of writing within relatively narrow confines (page, already existing history, etc).

For finding collaborators, that’s invaluable. An artist who is trying to break in needs a writer who can write at that level, and is serious about putting in the work. Most aren’t. Many people want to be a writer; few want to write. Having won the award, there’s an assurance that they’ll be hitching their wagon to someone reliable (though maybe not to their personal tastes; but at the very least they won’t waste their time reading a bunch of mediocre scripts; it will at least be competent).

Immediately I was given ‘open ears’ to pitch to editors at a couple of mid-level publishing companies; sitting in a bar, one higher up told me “oh yeah, we love Mark, he does the work so we don’t have to”

That doesn’t mean anyone’s going to publish your work. For a while, it basically meant I got an opportunity to get rejected a lot. But that’s valuable too – pushing you in different directions, refining what you do.

I won’t go into it specifically, but @Mark_Millar personally took time and effort to look at some of my stuff and help me out – above and beyond anything promised by winning the contest. He’s been an AMAZING supporter. I owe him so much.

I’ll have three series announced in 2017, one ongoing and two minis (though there is a chance one of those will be turned into an OGN). They’re all collaborations with incredible artists. I can’t say anymore, but the feedback I’ve gotten from some of the biggest people in the industry - editors, artists, writers - has been overwhelmingly positive.

And I owe much of that to winning this thing.

Also, it was nice to have some pocket money, and it’s cool that I get to vote in the Harvey Awards, and it helps to say at cons that you’ve actually published something, and a thousand other small things.

I know a couple of others have gotten deals subsequently (Ricardo, Steve) as well.


i cannot wait! :smiley:So happy for your, fella!


Thanks, brother! Puttin’ my all into all of 'em.


i know you are, mate!


Thanks for sharing!


Well now. Do try to remember I’m living vicariously through you (and a few others, I’m quite fickle) so it is important to keep me amused!


And once again, best of luck to every one, with gratitude to Mark and Millarworld for opening the doors to us.



That is an awesome insight into things! thank you for that. Let us know when you can what books you have coming so we can support them. Are you getting close to where writing can end up being a prinary carreer? I think this is where many of us would like to be. Also were you able to do any cool events to promote the book?