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Millarworld talent search ends 3rd of December


Midnight LA time.

We extended by a few days as the huge flurry of last minute submissions meant the site was down for 24 hours. But a new, invulnerable server means we can handle anything now (thank you, Jim) and our submission count just soared to a whopping 1200-plus in the last two days.

Good luck to all! Final results announced in a special video message from me on the 23rd of December!



Oh boy, two more days to perfect my tap routine! Wait, what do you mean “not that kind of talent search”? :frowning: Darn.


I’m interested to hear the final entry count :smile:


You just threw down a gauntlet at Miqque’s feet.


As a gauntlet that’s a bit of an exam glove.


cool to hear deadline was extended to my birthday, just wondering if the server crash means i need to reup my art submission from last week. i get a image could not load, from my profile too.


We’re having an issue with some of the uploads where people didn’t link to a image hosting company but instead uploaded into our system. Isn’t happening to everyone but it is happening to quite a few posts. We’re working to resolve things - your images aren’t lost, they’re just not displaying correctly. Hope to have it taken care of by tomorrow.


He keeps it behind the kegs so it stays cool and well protected. :wink:


Submitted my script! I’m really excited for the story I came up with and I hope you like it. This was a ton of fun, so thanks for the opportunity.

BTW, should we receive a confirmation email?