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Millarworld Talent Search 2016


Not yet. You’ll see it when it is. :wink:


Up on Monday, dudes! We’re launching via Scottish Television :slight_smile:



Ha! Amazing.




We’ll pin the announcement at the top of the board when it’s made, nobody will miss it unless they are drunk or confused. :smile:

Remember there’s no award or advantage in submitting first, most of us didn’t review any until the deadline was closed as otherwise it is hard to compare. I appreciate though that people want to know the characters and the brief so they can get working on their stories.


Thus removing a large proportion of Millarworlders from contention :wink:


Fix 4 u!


Pah! Foiled before I’ve even entered.


You beat everyone to it!! What a layup of a joke!


Great stuff Mr Millar - I hope to contribute a story this time around.


Everything is live folks. Head to the respective threads below for information.


No chance for inkers?


Team up with a penciler and submit together is best advice I can think of.



Dose anyone know how access the submission because I can’t seem to get access


If you are using a Mac, you will likely need to download the newest version of Adobe Reader.


That seems like something that could be it’s own thread so pencilers and inkers can get coordinated with some samples. There’s still lots of time for this round!


I found the file a little buggy too. I ended up not saving it but printing to PDF. It still had some issues, but it opened up after that.


Sorry if this is a dumb question. Can an artist work with a writer and submit three pages of the script the writer is planning to send?


The artists and writers will be picked separately and paired together later. The artist samples should be three sequential art pages (not pinups or covers) from their portfolio.


Thank you!
I was asking because the artist I’m working with wanted to do something new since most of his stuff is historical and in a style that’s not very similar to any of Millar’s stories. I’ll just write something new for him :slight_smile: