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Millarworld Talent Search 2016


Last year we did this and it was crazy. So many brilliant entries and the top 13 new creators paid Marvel and DC starter rates, published in last month’s Millarworld Annual. Look at their smiley faces below to see what a good time they had!

Well, we’re doing it again and on 1st September we’ll be releasing all the details, including which six strips you should be submitting art or stories towards. Note: Please don’t post any samples below. I’m afraid they’ll get deleted. Save all this genius for 1st September and we look forward to poring over them.

Now here’s last year’s winners in all their glory. This could be YOU in the Summer 2017 Annual!!

Hey, when does the Next Millarworld Competition start?
Millarworld Annual 2017 - Artist Submission Thread

This years annual was so great. Can’t wait for more.


Meh…I might enter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I really enjoyed the annual. It was so amazing to see new talent given such a big opportunity.


loving the optimism of people actually reading and not! :wink:


That line is more about permission. :wink:


I am really excited for this.


I am SO looking forward to this years Talent Search, but dang, has it been a YEAR ALREADY?

I’m very grateful that there has been The Write Off NUMBER 3 RIGHT HERE, VOTE!!](Write Off 3. Unsolved Mystery. Pick a winner!))

The Write Off got me back to writing comics again, and it’s been a blast, and a GREAT trainer for the Talent Search. I’ve written four scripts (yeah, I wrote two for the Star Wars one because I’m a fanboy) and gotten great feedback!

Looking forward to this years selection (HUCK?? MORE STARLIGHT!!!) and the next anthology!


Mark, this counts as your good deed for the day!


For anyone interested in entering this year my number one suggestion would be to follow the instructions.
The moderators have a mountain of work to do here and its in your interest to represent yourself and your work as professionally as possible.

Here’s a link to my winning entry last year
Millarworld Annual 2016 The making of Mindys ABC’s

And here is the link to the creators Forum involving hints and tips from everyone involved

Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 12 - Millarworld Annual 2016 Creators

Good luck everyone!


WOOHOOO! Congrats to everyone who won last year. Looking forward to attempting this year!


Cheers Mark and thank you for putting that stuff out there. It’s much appreciated.


Feedback from last year is still haunting me… Goin’ to be goin’ HAM for this one!


I never received mine =(


Looking forward to entering this year


Sanjay was well intentioned but got quite busy. It’s been awhile since he’s even been able to come around these parts. I’m not sure if that will let up anytime soon.


Love the inititive and love more the fact that you will do it this year once again!


Yes sorry gang but feedback on scripts is never a guarantee in this initiative. Those that did it, including myself a couple of times, do it on their own time and dime. Life catches up. Consider it a bonus if it happens and log in and request first if it’s really important to you.

General tips for this year:

  1. Remember the main concept, Kingsman is not Bond, it is what would Bond be like if he came from a working class council estate. Read the original comic again and get to the core concept. The winner played with that.

  2. Don’t mess with the IP. These will be 4 or 5 page stories, you don’t need to reveal the secret origin of a character or kill off their parents. That’s for the original creators to do. Tell a tale within the existing setup and continuity, not change it.

  3. This is not slashfic, yes a few of Mark’s books (and not all, there is a big tonal difference between Nemesis and Chrononauts) contain some tough language and situations but maybe not as much as you imagine. I actually went and counted and one Kingsman script I reviewed had more swearing on one page than the entire original mini series.


I completely understand. Maybe one day, maybe one day…


That’s pretty good going, haha!