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Millarworld submission - community feedback for art, please


Hi All!
I am one of the fortunates who managed to send the samples to Millarworld Talent Search on time … and one of unfortunates who did not make it :slight_smile: No wonder as the submissions chosen were really great - congratulations to the winners! But the emotions had gone down and now I would like to ask You fellow Millarworld forum members to throw some feedback in subject of my submission.
Basically as amateur and no-pro artist I’m drawing for fun and for my own self-development. I’d like to ask You for constructive critic, pointing out any bads, mistakes or unclearances You see in following submission (below link to other Millarworld post):

Thanks in advance for any feedback


Really digging your stuff man! Your Punisher reminds me of John Romita Jr.'s work on Kick Ass, and I love your pencils on the bar-fight scene - really kinetic and great camera angles! Your style has a really fun element that makes me want to see more. I’m a sucker for b&w art!


Thanks for a good word!