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Millarworld still looking for artists and writer pitches?


I couldn’t find any actual info on this…
Is Millarworld still accepting artist and writer pitches for Millarworld characters?




i don’t think that was ever the case, fella.
I think they only take submissions for when the Chief does his annual talent search.
Which sadly didn’t happen last year…hopefully, this year…

Don’t wait around to write a MW character…GO MAKE YOUR OWN
Its much more fun…trust me :wink:


So maybe there will be a possibility to submit art to Netflix Millarworld soon? Does the Chief have any info on this yet?


What I would do is just post your artwork on the boards in creative central here at millarworld.
You’ll get great feedback and if it catches the chiefs eye you never know!
Stranger things have happened.


If i’m honest, buddy, i don’t know and i can imagine the Chief may be a tad busy bring his creations to the small (BIG) screen to answer that.
Never say never, but if i was Netflix, i’d be looking to poach BIG names that are already established in the industry, because that will sells books.
If i can give you some advice…just get out there an make your own comics, then bang your own drum as loud as you can…get noticed then sell YOUR stuff to Netflix for millions!


Yeah I’d suggest trying 2000ad or something. Outside of the new talent annuals MW has never really used new unestablished artists. Even when getting other talent to work on the books like the latest Kingsman series Simon Fraser has been drawing comics professionally for 23 years.


I think Chris was just confused about the talent search and whether or not it related to an ongoing MillarWorld gig.

Posting your work here may not get you a gig drawing comics for Millar himself, but it’ll give you a chance to find other collaborators, if you’re interested. As Garvey suggested, doing your own stuff is cool, too. If you really want to break in to the business, this is probably your best bet.


I wondered about the contest in the first place and then heard about Netflix is building his own comic publishing wing out of Millarworld… so I assumed the Netflix comic publisher soon will accept submissions like Marvel and DC. So I thought maybe there is some official info about this.
Regarding “Breaking Into Comics” I’m totally with you guys.
Thanks for the feedback!


The reports about Netflix getting into publishing are all made up. Don’t believe a word of it.


These guys don’t accept pitches for newbies like us either, buddy.
You have to make your own books, send them in, get in their radar and then you MIGHT be invited to pitch to them.
That’s why I say to everyone, just get out there and make your own. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: