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Millarworld Sequels


Any news you can drop us lowly fans on upcoming projects?


Dude, chill out. When there’s any news it’ll be posted about in plenty of time.


Yeah Mark is never backward in publicising his stuff, he’ll do it here without fail (even if the scoop is with the Hollywood Reporter or something it’ll be linked in the forum same day and almost certainly trailed in advance), but the time has to be right.

There’s a ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ element at play because if he announces some stuff in early development that may not turn out as planned then the internet is first to cry foul and get upset ‘promises’ were broken. We as mods sometimes get more info in confidence and see plans change because an artist may sign some exclusive or fall sick or whatever.

So it’s great that Josh has so much enthusiasm for the next material, fans like him are the best, but patience is a virtue. Keep tuned to Millarworld and Mr Millar’s postings and you’ll hear about any new projects as quickly as is feasible. :smile:


Whatever happened to the new Kick-Ass and Hit Girl comics. I thought they were being released in January but didn’t hear any news on it until I thought about it again when watching Kick Ass again.


You can always post it in the Creative forum and get feedback on it.


First eight issues of Hit-Girl are written and the series has started being drawn. I’m on #4 of the Kick-Ass scripts at the moment and Johnny will be starting in the next month. We want to get six issues in the can art-wise before we launch so late summer is the plan at the moment. These are both on-goings so we want a nice head-start.

I’m stock-piling all my new books at the moment, the ones that will launch late 2017/ early 2018. I always tend to work around a year ahead of publication but there won’t be any announcements on anything for months as this is a period where shutters down and fingers typing the new stuff!


Kick-Ass release dates?

Thanks for the heads up


Any info on Starlight, Nemesis, Chrononaughts, Reborn or Empress? Will Jupiter’s Legacy or Circle get anymore volumes?


With Raphael Albuquerque working on Hitgirl, do you have any new Artists you will be working with in the next few projects? Chris Burnham would be good, as would Mike Huddleston or Riley Rossimo. How do you pick your collaborators?


So stoked about Starlight 2 btw. That was one of my favorite comics ever. I just can’t wait to get back into that pulpy world! Hopefully it starts releasing soon. Your sci-fi stuff has been astounding. Empress, Reborn and Starlight I just want more.


Is the Starlight sequel (I’d prefer prequel) still being worked on? Will we see it in 2017-2018?


I hope all the future hardcover Millarworld titles get the same 11"x7" treatment that Reborn got. It’s so much better than the standard.