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Seeing now that kick ass, hitgirl and Supercrooks are all getting sequels I didn’t know about. I’ve got to ask, which others are getting the same service?
And please tell me Jupiter’s Legacy/Circle and Empress will run forever! Especially Jupiter’s, I love the established universe. It’s topping Wanted for me!

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Starlight Sequel

Thanks, fella. Jupiter’s wraps with this issue, but a couple of years down the line Circle and Legacy will be joined by the third volume in the trilogy, set a generation in the future. It’s called Jupiter’s Requiem. Will be late 2018 though. 10 issues in total.

Empress 2 starts in around 1 year, once Stuart is done with his Marvel contract. The collection will be ready for the movie release.



Those are my favorite two Millarworld series yet!! So I can’t wait for more! Also I’m loving Reborn! Thanks for the info! I was hoping we’d get more Jupiter’s Legacy and Empress! Hyped!!


Is Jupiter’s Legacy getting a third series also? I LOVE how established this super hero world is. I like it so much ! more than any marvel or DC universe


Sorry Mark it was late here when I wrote that. Didn’t see that you already said that Jupiter’s Legacy AND Circle were getting sequels. I’m SOOO GLAD I joined these forums btw! You are a Boss!


You should make an exclusivity writer-artist contract with Immonen. The guy is gold. I want everything Millar written to be drawn by him :wink:

Though a Mark Millar-Alex Ross collaboration wouldn’t be half bad… any chances of that ever happening?


Sad my Kick-Ass Boxset came as softcovers. Will you come back to doing books as longer than 6-8 issues? I want some large deluxe edition size books.


Can we get any more info on any ANY upcoming projects? We need to stoke the fire a little.


I’m actually not a fan of those mega books. They’re hard to read and a bit unwieldy :slight_smile:

As for KA, the new series is an ongoing as is HG. We’ve got the first eight issues of HG done, but I only started KA at the end of last year and we’ll release once we’re way ahead. We’re looking to mid to late Summer for both as they’ll both launch same month.

I tend to work around a year ahead so after a very productive past 24 months am busy stockpiling at the moment. Starlight 2 among these btw. Am about halfway through that!



You are the best! Thanks to you sir! I am thoroughly hyped and refuelled for more Millarworld madness!! Being in the Arizona desert I hate summer but now it can’t come fast enough!!


Thanks again for writing back! I know you are the busiest man in comics and I really appreciate you!


That’s a busy schedule!

Any plans to do more with Sean Gordon Murphy & Choronauts? I read the trade recently and it blew me away, so much fun. Murphy & Hollingsworth’s art is stunning - such a good team :slight_smile:


So how long do we have to wait for Huck’s next run? :slight_smile:


Long enough for the first to be released in deluxe hardcover? :wink:


I’m waiting for Huck Hardcover also. I’m never buying TPBs again


You’ll have a long wait. No plans for a Huck HC ever I’m afraid :slight_smile:



Dang! Take my money! Lol any plans to do anything sci Fi military like We Stand on Guard from Brian K Vaughn?


I’d also love to see a Millarworld take on different dimension ala Black Science





I wish I could have gotten into the Millarworld talent search. I’ve got a really dope Nemesis story i think you’d like.